Shaker screen is one of the important mountings of shale shaker, the installation of shaker screen is the key of screen using quality. If the quality of screen is very good but with the fault installation, it is also cask of danaides. If the screen is damaged will serious influence the use of shale shaker.

Shaker screen existents some problems

Because the tensing device of shale shaker is not complete stretched and easy to make screen is damaged with linear.

 The length of shaker screen should be properly adjust. Lengthy shaker screen will make the tensing device can’t complete fasten and make equipment produce loose and the screen is damaged at last.

 If the interval is too small which is between screen and screen box will abrade equipment components when installation.

 The screen is not tension will influence screen efficiency.

 After the net rack is installed in screen box, if the screen is not stretched into the homologous discharge hole will appear mixing phenomenon.

 The seal of screen is not tension will appear mixed level phenomenon.

Experts give some solve skills 

The screen of linear motion shale shaker should choose the wire diameter is relatively thick stainless steel screen, the service life is long.

 Because the tension of shaker screen is directly influence screening efficiency, so the screen is must tension and installed.

When shear screen, the length should be longer 50-70mm than steel frame, the width should be consistent with screen.

Firstly we come loose the beam ring screw and discharge the upper ledge, taking off the damaged fine screen and replace new fine screen.

The fine screen is tiled in shale shaker mother screen and the upper ledge is placed the reposit。

All round fine screen is out of the architrave should be eliminate and persisting 2cm.

Selvage should be reputed and loose the combination pliers, the screw of selvage should be hooked and locked.

After installation, putting some materials test the screening machine, according the requirements to adjust the uniformity and evenness of screen and check the seal of screen.

At last we should periodic check screen in using process, if we find problems we should solve it at times.

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