When the centrifugal pump impeller inlet liquid pressure below the delivery temperature of liquid under pressure gasification, the liquid begin to gasify.

Meanwhile, the other gas is soluble in the fluid maybe overflow. At the same time, forming large small bubbles in fluid, this phenomenon is called cavitation.

The small bubbles is produced by gasified and dissolving overflow flow together in impeller passage way, when the pressure is increasing gradually, the bubbles will be broken by surrounding fluid pressure, then it will be to condensation. When the bubbles are broken and be to condensation. The gas area volume is decrease gradually and form into cavity in the passage way.

The affect to centrifugal pump

Causing noise and vibration

The cavitation makes the centrifugal pump produce noise and it is bad to the pump. when the bubbles are broken, the machine may vibrate. In this condition, pump can’t work on

Causing working parameter is decreased

When the cavitation phenomenon is serious, the large bubbles in impeller will block the impeller passage way, the continuity of fluids will be damaged, the flow, head and efficiency of pump will be decrease, this condition pump can’t work on.

Causing pump impeller be damaged

When pump cause the cavitation, because of the impact of mechanical corrosion and chemical corrosion, the impeller will be damaged, the impeller can be corroded through when cavitation is serious.

The method of prevent cavitation

The performance of medium, delivery temperature, the length and diameter of intake pipeline, the number of parts of intake pipeline and the installation height of centrifugal pump are all influence the cavitation. In order to preventing cavatation, it demands decrease the delivery temperature, currently install, the design of pump and intake pipeline and installation height are all have strict requirements.

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