Applicability and structure

Drilling fluid mud jet mixer, an commonly used equipment in mixing fluid, is an important part of drilling fluid solid control system. When well blowout occurs, it can be used to mix large amount of weighted materials even in drilling fluid within little time.

Working mechanism

The drilling flow into the jet pump with certain pressure, in the jet pump fluid spouts out from jet nozzle first, then flows into shear pipe through mixing chamber, Material will be added from hopper to mixing hopper, and move into shear pipe with the flow. During this process, they are dispersed and mixed. The mixture will enter into drilling fluid tank when flows out of the shear pipe.

The shear pipe is hollow and it can expand gradually based on certain curved surface. It is mainly used to enlarge shearing force inside the pipe to disperse the material further and increase the mixture pressure head, this will make it easy to enter in to circulation tank.

Installation and commissioning

Connect the inlet opening of drilling fluid mixing jet mud mixer with the outlet pipe of sand pump, and the hopper outlet leads to drilling mud tank.

6’’ flanges should be used at inlet and outlet.

The hopper should not be equipped too high, sine the more high, the less of mixing capacity.

The centrifugal pump used here should match with the mixing jet mixer.


The necessary maintenance can improve the working reliability of the jet mud mixer, and prolong its service life.

A Daily maintenance

The work is cleaning the feeding hopper and mixing chamber, keeping the equipment neat.

B Periodic maintenance

Checking the fasteners

Checking the fasteners once a month, be sure they are tightening.

Unit anticorrosion

Painting the paint breakage timely.

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