Decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the mud. And DC production drilling fluid centrifuge has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance.

decanter centrifuges

Our decanter centrifuges widely used in oil, chemical, light industry, mining, metallurgy, food, environmental protection and ect, which can totaly meet the requirements of dehydration of solid, and liquid phase. Following is the installation and adjustment steps of the decanters.


Installation and adjustment:

1. Should have the necessary space location when install the decanter and electric control panel for easy to maintain and operate.
2. The potential difference of the liquid level and inlet mouth keep in 0.3-0.5m.
3. The inlet valve should installed on the outlet of the head tank which should be close to the inlet.
4. Lifting of the machine must use the four holes on the base, to avoid to using bearing pedestal or main shaft hoisting.
5. The machine adopts elastic floating bracket, the horizontal error is 0.02mm/m when install.
6. Equipped a section of transparent tube between the inlet pipe, to observe the feeding.
7. When disassembling the drum assembly should be reliably to avoid damage the bearing. The touching surface of the spare parts must clean before install it.
8. Professional electrician installs the electric machine to ensure the accurate wiring.
9. Move the motor base plate location and adjustment the belt tightness, Tt put pressure on the belt for 3 to 5 kg, belt deflection between 10-15 mm is advisable.
10. Re-check all the bolts on the machine after finish the installation.

If you want to learn more about how to correctly use or install the decanter centrifuges, please contact DC Machinery.

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