An important equipment used in solids control is mud guns and mud agitators. Both pieces of equipment are used inside the mud tank. The mud agitator is mounted on top of the tank and stirs the mud much like a blender. The typical gear ratio is 30:1. A 1,800-rpm motor geared to 30:1 will output 60 rpm. The size of the motor and impeller diameter is determined by the capacity of the mud tank.

Mud guns

The shaft length is determined by the depth of the mud tank. The number needed is based on the mud tank’s capacity. Mud guns are also mounted at the top of the mud tank and have a handle and swivel so the guns’ flow can be adjusted.

They are used to stir the bottom of the tank. They have nozzles at the end of the guns that move the mud at an accelerated rate at the bottom of the mud tank. The size of the bore in the nozzle determines the flow rate for each mud gun. The required flow rate will determine the number needed in application.

Mud agitator

Mud agitators and mud guns are important because they keep the mud moving in the mud tank so that the mud does not separate or fisheye, which would affect the flow characteristics and mud weight consistency.

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