Linear Motion Shaker is the new addition to the range of shakers offered by DC Solid control . It is primarily designed for drilling applications where low space and low flow requirements are called for and its rugged construction will take everything you can throw at it and more.


Shale shakers separate coarse solid particles from drilling mud in well bore-hole drilling operations. Drilling mud are engineered with rheological properties needed for efficient transport to the ground surface the coarse solid particles generated by the drill cutting into the soil and rock.

Drilling Shale Shaker Features & Benefits:
G-forces linear motion up to 7.4 G (adjustable depending on the situation)
Hi-speed conveyance of cuttings
Higher processing capacity
Able to process heavier solids loads
Enhances cuttings processing volume
AWD device is adjustable from -1°~5°
Single side shale shaker screens tension system to easily change the screens
Shale shaker feeder can be weir feeder or box feeder

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