According the function of each components of drilling fluid solid control system put forward the reasons why choose this equipments, discussing the general arrangement methods of drilling fluid solid control system.

The function of solid control equipment

Following the development of drilling well technology, the effect of drilling fluid solid control system to the drilling well working is more bigger, there are all kinds of solid control systems, no matter the type of solid control how to changes, its basic function can’t be changed, it rely on the mechanical clear device and drilling fluid storage tanks and other auxiliary equipment to work together to complete the basic effect.

In drilling well, drilling head, crushing, grinding the ground, make the rock breakages, formation the different size of drilling cuttings, the size is between 2 and 2×10³μm. The single clear equipment remove rang of the solid phase particles is small, so depending on a device can’t reach the purpose of maximum clear the solid phase.

The different equipment can remove the different size solid phase particles. To guarantee carrying the drilling cuttings to the ground, drilling fluid must has the enough up return speed. So must accord the size of the well and the drilling machine to decide the displacement of drilling pump.

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