Vacuum degasser is a special equipment to deal with gas drilling fluid, which is applied to the mating of the other drilling equipment to eliminate the harmful gas of the fluid, to recover the specific gravity and stabilize the viscosity of the fluid. The vacuum degasser is an important part of drilling mud cleaning system.


According coercive measures make the gas is separated from gas cut drilling fluid, ensure the performance of mud is good. So the drilling fluid mud purification system is widely used.

Working theory

The degassers are used to clean the gas in the drilling fluid, to ensure the drilling fluid property relatively stable, to guarantee the steady operation of swirlers. The degassers can be grouped into two kinds: ordinary pressure type and vacuum type. The ordinary pressure degasser is to use the centrifugal to take out gas to invade the mud, with the help of centrifugal force to make the mud spraying in the jet tanks and striking on the wall to make gas releasing.






The vacuum degasser is to use the suction of the centrifugal, forming negative pressure in the vacuum tanks, under the action of drilling fluid at atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft, then by umbrella piece of around the hollow shaft assembly, they jet to the skin of tank.

ZCQ Vacuum Degasser Parameters

TYPE ZCQ240 ZCQ270 ZCQ300 ZCQ360
Main Tank Diameter 700mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm
Thurput ≤240 m3/h ≤270 m3/h ≤300 m3/h ≤360 m3/h
Vaccum Degree -0.030~-0.045MPa -0.030~-0.050MPa -0.030~-0.055MPa -0.040~-0.065MPa
Drive Ratio Vacuum Degree 1.68 1.68 1.68 1.72
Degassing Efficiency ≥95%
Host Motor Power 15kW 22kW 30kW 37kW
Vacuum Pump Power 2.2kW 3kW 4kW 7.5kW
Overall Dimension 1750×860×1500 2000×1000×1670 2250×1330×1650 2400×1500×1850
Weight 1150kg 1450kg 1800kg 2100kg

Installation and use

It is must be installed before drilling

The installation should be steady, connection, tension and reasonable.

The filter screen should be installed in the air inlet place of exhaust pipe, preventing particles enter into vacuum degasser.

Checking before start

The rotation of motor, vacuum pump and the main motor should be unanimous with mark direction.

The end of discharge pipe and inlet pipe should be immersed in mud pool at the same time.

Turn the coupling number ring to ensure it is didn’t locked or damage phenomenon.

After use

After use we must discharge the water in the pump or gas water separator.

It is must be tested run every week.

Before enter into gas layer, it is must be normally operated.


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