Now, foreign solid control equipment except for good performance, working is steady and long service life, also have a significant feature, it is the standardization, serialization and personalization.

Shale shaker is the first treating equipment in solid control system. The technology level mainly react on treating capacity, work steady, service life and operation flexibility.

ATL Series linear motion shale shaker

Main characteristics

Large treating capacity

The separation particles are fine and dry.

Working is steady and reliable.

Long service life

Driving system maintenance is simpleness

Product category


Structure characteristics: double layers of screen, the upper screen horizontal installed, the bottom screen divided into three parts tandem array.

Advantages: can improve the transportation ability of shale shaker, increase treating capacity and decrease drilling fluid loss and decrease the repeated of rock debris.


It uses stainless steel manufacture, apply to corrosive environment, the service life is longer than ATL-1000.


It is designed for treat fine clay in with large discharge, screen area treating capacity is 6m which is two times of ATL-1000 shale shaker. Structure material can be used stainless steel, also can used the ordinary steel.

ATL drying type:

Advantages: structure is compact, vibration strength is small; it can make solid phase particles standing time on surface is long, make particles fully dehydration, drilling fluid loss is small; can decrease rock debris repeated on screen surface, make the drilling fluid return to circulating system is more clean.

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