In order to fully understand how a decanter centrifuge operates, we must first define what a centrifuge does. In many industrial jobs, solid material often mixes with liquids, contaminating water supplies or turning mud into sludge.

decanter centrifuge1

A decanter centrifuge is useful in that it separates solids and liquids, and has become an essential component of water waste facilities and the chemical, oil, and food processing industries. Moreover, without a centrifuge, many of these companies would become so inefficient they could not function.


Do you know what factors determine the performance of decanter centrifuges ? Please carefully read as below.
1.the centrifugal force required for sedimentation of the solids
2.the clarification area necessary to “capture” the solids
3.the differential speed required to transport the solids out of the decanter
4.the hydrodynamic design, which determines the exact parameters for the turbulence
5.the design of the conveyor and beach sections, which are important for efficient solids transportation.

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