Drilling cutting boxes are a kind of tank to contain drilled solids in well drilling. Both for onshore and offshore o&g drilling. According to 7 month communication, DC Solid control fincialy got the bider of 40 sets drilling cutting box at Aug. And adter 15 dasy production, we have already finished the production period.


The cutting boxes are usually rectangular tanks. They can be configured on typical oilfield 3-leg mounted skid, can be common container shape, or the traditional roll off. They are always open top for convenient materials handling, furthermore, they are water tight type without leakage.


The cuttings tank certainly can be designed variously as the clients’ demand vary much. But the bottom and general dimensions are same. For example, the tanks can be designed with corrugated plate thicks 8mm. Another proposal is the tanks designed with wall thicks 6mm. And the height can be different. For example, we Aipu produce mainly 2 model drilling cutting box. One is 2000x1600x1060mm, another is 3300x1600x1650mm.

The 40 sets cutting box will be used on offshore rig. All items in this order should be produced with same specs and standard. Another request is the CCS Certificate of offshore drilling cutting box.


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