SB series centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander „ÄĀDesilter and Jet Mud Mixer. It can also be used as Charge Pump auxiliary perfusion for mud pump and Trip Pump for drilling well head.

DC solid control offers a complete line of centrifugal sand pumps to suit for all kinds of drilling application. Size ranges from 3×2-13 through 10×8-14 to 14×12-22.

sand pump

DC Machinery centrifugal sand pumps is made of wear resistant materials, and can be used to handle abrasive cements and drilling fluids in drilling, production, well-servicing, and industrial application. The combination of wear resitant fluid end, merchanical seal and heavy duty power end provides the prolonged service life.

Features of DCSB series sand pump
Double seal: Pump seal adopts mechanical seal combined with packing seal of two-stage sealing, improve the reliability of the seal.
Open impeller structure: Pump impeller to the open structure, more suitable for the high density, high viscosity mud fluid medium.
High efficiency:The design of blade curve is more conform to the requirements of the fluid mechanics, improve the efficiency of the pump.
Long service life: Key components adopt wear-resisting material, prolong the service life of the pump.

Choose DCSB series sand pump means good sealing effect, long life, perfect function and high efficiency.

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