The submersible slurry pump is designed by DC Solid control which combine the many years experience and absorb the advanced technology. It is divided into horizontal and vertical pump according to the structure. The horizontal pump is divided into 300mm,250mm,200mm,150mm,100mm,80mm,65mm,40mm according to outlet diameter. Vertical pump is divided into 150mm,100mm,80mm,65mm,50mm according to outlet form.

slurry pump

The submersible slurry pump have the innovates of water conservancy and structure design, the flow passage components adopt the strong resistance wear and high cadmium cast alloy iron to manufacture. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, save energy, long service life, light weight, reasonable structure, reliable operation, small vibration, lower noise and convenient to maintain.

1. High efficiency and save energy:

When trash pump transport pump body, the efficiency is always decrease and the higher concentration, the grain size is bigger with the greater reduction degree. But when two phase flow slurry pump transport mud, its efficiency is higher than pure water, it is more adapt to transport the mud.

slurry pump1

2.Corrosion resistance and long service life:

Usually when trash pump transport the mud will occur impacting abrasion. The cavitation of water pump is worsend following the increased flow. But the flow passage of the two phase flow slurry pump design fit the changing rule of solid flow field, the solid move along with the impeller line, impeller mainly have frictional wear, the cavitation of the pump is relatively stable following the flow increased, so two phase flow have the new abrasion rule.

3. Water saving, adopt High concentrations transportation:

The performance of common trash pump is gradually decreased following the improve of mud concentration, and the performance is gradually worsened. The water conservancy design of two phase flow pump if fully consider the solid(including the concentration, grain size and shape and etc.) movement. It must have the good Hydraulic performance when transport high concentration drilling fluid, meet the requirement of technological process to high concentration

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