Drilling fluid shale shaker is used in the drllling mud purification system 1 level solid control equipment.Drilling shale shaker is mainly used to get rid of the big solids particles in the mud from the wellhead back to the ground surface, it enables the mud to be reutilized.


Features and Advantages of DCS Shale Shaker:

Design:Using the Solidworks Ansys to design drilling shale shaker and optimize structure,compact and simple structure,excellent performance,cost-effective.
Vibration Motor: Italy Oli,IEC EX and ATEX with explosion-proof standard are available.Exciting force is adjustable,high vibration strength.
Deck passed hot treatment.
Surface painting use Japan Kan-sai heavy anticorrosive epoxy zinc-rich paint.
Electrical Components: SIEMENS,Schneider.
Wedge block design make the replacement more easy.
Iron frame pyramid screens with big vibration effective sieving area,large treatment capacity,good performance.
Reasonable design of cofferdam height for mud shale shaker logging tank,equilibrium flow can decrease the crash directly to screen,so this will extend the screens’ lifetime.

DC Solid control primary products include linear motion shale shakers, directional drilling supplies, all types of screens and replacement screens for screening equipment manufactured by others. We currently supply our products throughout North America, as well as internationally, including Eurupe and South America.

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