The decanter centrifuge produced by DC Solid control is available in several sizes and models to function in different kinds of organizations. Coming in a range of sizes, horizontal continuous cleaning decanter centrifuges provide an effective, low maintenance solution to liquid clarifying and solids dewatering with advanced process and mechanical performance features.

DC Machinery Decanter centrifuges are versatile and capable of adapting to varying throughput and process and material types. The machines are easy to adjust, require little operator attention, are relatively quiet and feature a small footprint.

decanter centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge’s central section consists of a rotating drum with an independently rotating screw conveyor inside. The sludge is fed via inlet pipes into the mixing chamber in the screw. This is also where polymers are added for sludge flocculation. During centrifugation, the sludge is thrown through holes in the mixing chamber out against the outer walls of the drum. The dewatered sludge is transported out through the machine by the screw conveyor, while reject water is pressed back towards the reject outlet. The water level in the drum is adjustable and the type of sludge being processed determines the appropriate level.

We also provide frequency conversion decanter, compared with similar products with low energy consumption, working speed is adjustable etc. You are welcome to contact Tangshan Dachuan Machinery to get more detailed infos, we will supply our best service for you.

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