Solid control system optimization design is listed as one of the ten major subject of drilling equipment. According about 20 years development, domestic drilling rig technology has a great progress, solid control design and manufacture technology also have a gig improve, but because traditional view thinks the technology content of solid control system and equipment is low, appear a lot of design and manufacturers, and imitate each other, so creative technology is less, it can’t solve many practical problems.

The main existing problems in drilling fluid solid control system

The process of drilling fluid solid phase control is not perfect, the performance of solid control is singleness, the efficiency of solid control is low. Because rarely used desander, centrifuge and other equipment, the fine solid particles are difficult to remove, make drilling fluid solid phase content, viscosity is difficult to control, influence drilling speed, causing downhole complex, influenced drilling pump piston and lifetime of the cylinder sleeve. In order to keep drilling fluid performance, must add chemical agent, it increase drilling cost.

The cubage of drilling fluid store tank is small, it can’t meet the requirement of drilling work, the common cubage of store tank is 30m3, the volume of this kind of drilling fluid tank is small, if meet the complex well, it must use the reserve tank drilling fluid to compensate. Because the performance and quality of reserve drilling fluid, it often appear drilling fluid run way, cause pollute the environment and potential security liability. It is difficult to transport and install, drilling preparation for a long time.

The electric gas and circuit is the open line installation, the site layout is messy, it must be stringing and take out stitches every move home, so the workload is big and exist potemial safety hazard.

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