Drilling fluid mud agitator is mainly keep uniformity of drilling fluid and made solid .Drilling fluid mud agitator is mainly keep uniformity of drilling fluid and made solid phase suspension, is the ongoing and reliability drilling mud solid control system. it is mainly used to mixed drilling fluid, in order to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles precipitate in the tank type circulating system, make the performance of drilling fluid stabilize and mixing uniformity.

characteristics of drill mud agitator

Drilling mud agitator use the arc and cylinder reducer, the section is cylindrical turbine of circular arc , the tooth profile of turbine is round which is conjugate with worm.

Drilling mud agitator use the combination of reducer and explosion proof electric machine, it is easy to maintain, it adapts to the condition of field bad working environment.

The stirring intension of drilling mud agitator is strong, extensively affected and decrease the starting resistance.

The motor of drilling mud agitator place in a horizontal position, it is convenient to install and adjust.

The structure and working theory of drilling mud agitator

Structure: the device is mainly made of explosion proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and impeller components, reducer and motor, reducer and wave wheel are all connected with solid coupling. The wave is made of four impellers weld.

Working theory: The wave can make agitate fluid produce vortex motion and enhance the mixing effect. The tray caught in the middle of the blade can avoid the mud solid phase deposit on the round of lower impellers after stopping, such use can reduce the resistance moment of the sediment to impeller, it prevent burn motor when starting overload.

The installation and operation maintenance of drilling mud agitator

The mud agitator should be level lifted and smooth placed in the installation position, after adjust the coaxial degree is less than 0.39mm, the four M16 hole seats are welded in the tank and tightening the engine base, fixed bolts.

The rigid coupling of mud agitator must be installed the spring pad and strong reliable, otherwise it maybe cause the deflection of wave wheel and accelerated wear of reducer.

In the operation of mud agitator should not have abnormal sound, cassette and excess temperature or other conditions.

The fuel head of mud agitator reducer should be kept in the middle part of apparent oil window, it needs often complement enough lubrication. 

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