Mud gun is divided into high pressure and low pressure the two types, the displacement of high pressure mud gun is small, the pressure is big, it is provided liquid for drilling pump.

Mission mud guns are an inexpensive solution to a potentially expensive problem. Other features include a collapsible handle, a 360? rotating swivel body, and the ability to be customized to any length, flanged or threaded. Mud guns are usually placed about 6 inches (~15 cm) from the tank bottom and typically come with a 360° swivel that allows directional positioning to stir dead spots. Dead spots can occur in right-angle compartments that have inadequate mechanical agitation or can be caused by piping or other mechanical obstructions.

Mud gun


1 In the premise of meet the requirements of pump power can use the drilling pumps.
2 The cost of drilling fluid gun is lower than mechanical agitator.
3 The weight is lighter than mechanical agitator.
4 It can improve the rate of shearing.
5 The flow can concentrate in a location to decrease or eliminate the dead zone.

In drilling fluid solids control system, only use drilling mud gun is not enough for stirring, we also need mud agitator, but for the dead angle of mud tank, it is indispensable equipment. So please fell free to contact DC solid control to inquiry the drilling mud gun.

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