Drilling fluid shear pump is used to drilling fluid mixing, This series of shear pump can mix and hydrate feeding material completely and save raw material. It also reduce the mud cake and fluid loss , reduce drilling fluid shear rate , improve the gel strength , so as to achieve the advanced international level.

shear pump

Structure of shear pump

Drilling mud shear pump through the special design, the impeller which is the main component of the mud shear pump has a wider flow path and smooth canes. It can meet the requirements of customers with high-performance mud. The product can effectively mix and fully hydrate the material added into the drilling fluid, which can save the added polymer and shorten mud cinfiguration time. As an ideal solid control device, the product and provide high quality drilling fluid for drilling process. It can shear the high polymer in the drilling mud to ensure the polymer can pass through the shale shaker screen.


Features & Benefits of Shear Pump

1. Greatly enhance the hydration of the soil particles.
2. Make the compounds dilute,shear and hydrate in a shorter time while saving over 30% of bentonite.
3. Offer larger capacity and lift to meet the demands on concoction and mud processing.

DC Machinery shear pump

DC Machinery is a professional drilling fluid shear pump manufacturer, and our equipment sells 38 countries, why we become the leader of the solid control industry mainly basic on the studying large number of domestic and foreign advanced technology ( how to improve the shearing pump, comprising a complete shear and hydration system, quick shear dilution, a hydratable polymer).

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