Drilling fluid sand pump is an importand feeding unit in solid control system which can provide power for desander and desilter and can be used as transportation carrier. So it is widely used in many fields. Recent days, DC Solid control shipped a batch of sand pump to our repeat Iran clients.

pump cover

The spare parts of driliing fluid sand pump includes:

1. Bearing
2. Mechanical seal
3. Pump cover
4. Pump case
5. Different size of impellers


DC Solid control mainly engages in manufacturing, design, selection, export series of centrifugal pumps, including sand pump, slurry pump, split casing pump, water pump, oil pump, spray pump, shearing pump, submersible pumps, etc. and a wide range of pump consumable parts.

We are devoting on offering the best solutions for pump application in the worldwide oil and gas drilling, mining, pumping project, meanwhile, supplying popular brands pump replacement parts with reliable quality at competitive price.

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