DC Solids Control uses an impeller to mix and suspend the solids using both axial and radial flows, and by utilizing low shear mixers to suspend and mix mud additives particle size degradation and polymer shear.

Unlike centrifugal pumps or mud guns. DC Mud Agitator is relatively low shear and low energy device, so it’s easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain. This will ensure that mud additives are homogeneously mixed to prevent dead spots. Agitators keep the active mud system flowing even when the pumps are disengaged and keep the weighting agents in suspension.

Mud agitator

The drilling fluid mud agitator adopts explosion proof C- face electric motor which is approved by ATEX and IEC Ex. If customers have the needs, it can be furnished with marine motor. Different from the centrifugal pump and drilling fluid mud gun, the product is designed with relatively low shearing capacity and low energy consumption. By using single reduction worm gear to achieve drive, it has high transmission efficiecny, strong agitating power and high durability.

Features and Benefits of DC Mud Agitator

1.Small footprint without skid.
2.Helical-Bevel gearbox.
3.Motor can be horizontal or vertical.
4.Longer usable life on motor and gear box.
5.Require less space also easy to handle.
6.High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature.
7.Adaptable for different application.
8.Painting: Heavy anti-corrosion paint adopt national famous Dewei Brand
9.Spraying Processing: grinding and sandblasting;with base coating, middle coating and finish coating.

Any need for mud agitator, no matter horizontal  or vertical  please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to serve you.

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