As we know, electric motor is the power source of all equipment, it is the most important part in every equipment.

Now our explosion-proof motor used in decanter centrifuge and spare parts have already delivered. It is a 37 kw main drive and delivery to Kazakhstan. A main drive motor supplies power to turn the centrifuge.


The clients purchased our DCLW360 VFD centrifuge and want to purchase a motor to replaced, 360VFD centrifuge is a variable frequency centrifuge and with the high speed, so it has the high requirements for explosion-proof motor.


The main centrifuge drive is usually an electrical mounted on slider on the frame or sub-frame and connected to the centrifuge drive pulley with V-belts. A purpose built belt guard will cover the two pulleys and belts. Motors on the larger decanters can consume a few hundred kilowatts of power. Such large motors are more often directly mounted on the floor, in which case a special belt-tensioning device is incorporated to allow for the differential movement of the rotating assembly.

The main motor has to accelerate a high inertial load on start-up. when the bowl is at speed, the main motor has to provide the power to accelerate the process material up to speed, the power for scrolling the cake, and most of the braking power for the back-drive system.

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