Shale shakers are an common used equipment for oil& gas field, HDD industry, CBM. To be as the first stage separation equipment, shale shakers plays an import role in the whole circulation system. DCS shale shakers have good sales market in all over the world, include linear motion, balanced elliptical and dual motion types.


The shale shaker produced by DC Machinery has absorbed the advanced technology of design and manufacture, the structure has been optimized, therefore can clean the harmful solid phases in drilling mud effectively and guarantee the efficient recovery of drilling fluid. It is the most cost-effective product in domestic.

shale shakers

In addition to the above advantages, following is the detailed advantages of DCS Series shale shakers:

1. Explosion proof and Non-Explosion proof famous brand importing vibration motors.
2. AWD Jacking mechanisms, or mechanical lifting device.
3. Single side hookstrip and wedgelok system providing quick screen change.
4. Many different size screens and panel according to actual use and users required.

At the earlier of 2016, all type of DCS shale shakers enjoy a big discount. If you have any request, please contact DC office to get the best offer. Looking forward to build business cooperation with you soon.

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