The model pf DCLW355-1250 variable frequency decanter centrifuge is one of salable product of DCLW series centrifuges. Recent days, we have one sample product prepare to delivery to Turkey Market whom is the biggest Oil&gas production group in turkey.


The sample unit of the centrifuges including below items.

1) 1 sets DCLW355-1250 centrifuges, high speed stepless adjustment from 0 to 3200rpm. The centrifuge is used for solids control
application. When recovery barite, the user can put it around 1800RPM; when cut mud weight, the user can put it around 2500RPM; When
remove very fine solids, the user can put it around 3000RPM.
2) 2 sets screw pump. One set screw pump for feeding centrifuges, the other sets screw pump for backup. At drilling site, time is
money. With backup solutions, this can be guarantee and save a lots for drilling.
3) 1 year spare parts for 1 sets centrifuge & 2 sets screw pump. Spare parts is also very important for centrifuge operation. It is
better purchase it together when purchase equipment. Spare parts purchased separately may lead to high extra freight cost or project


Except for this best cost effective high speed centrifgue, the turkey end user is considering more order of DC drilling waste management. We will proceeding the order in earlier of 2016.

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