DC Solid control decanting centrifuges are designed to deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control. Together, that adds up to a significant reduction in the operator’s total fluids cost and less waste for disposal.


Benefits: Increased Operational Efficiencies

Decreases drilling costs & waste volume.
Comes in various sizes to meet your need.
Can optimize selected unit for maximum solids removal & barite recovery.
Provides optimal torque control, high separation efficiency & high flow capacity.
Maximized internal wear surfaces extend the unit’s operating life before a scheduled rebuild is necessary.
Provides sufficient spare capacity within operations for quick change out if an unexpected breakdown occurs.


Design Advantages:

• Built for removing colloidal-sized drill solids and weight material or liquid phase recovery.
• Bowl speed adjustable from 1,373 to 4,000 rpm with 375 to 3,100 Gs of centrifugal force.
• Cut points of 2 microns attainable
• Pond depth easily adjusted
• Mechanically rugged design for oilfield applications
• Automatic shut-down features:
– Thermal overload
– Excessive vibration
– Feed pump
– High torque
– Open covers

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