According to 3 months manufacturing and 45 days transportation. The mud tanks already got to Poland drilling site yesterday. We manufacture 5 sets customized mud tanks for the clients. We shipped the mud tanks to Xin Gang port after inspection by the client.

Mud tanks are divided into square tanks and cone-shaped tanks according to the shape difference of the tank bottom. The tanks are generally open-top and have walkways on top to allow a worker to traverse and inspect the level of fluids in the tanks. The walkways also allow access to other equipment that are mounted on the top. Recently, offshore drilling rigs have closed-in tanks for safety.

mud tanks

The mud tank plays a critical role in mechanically removing destructive solids and sediment from costly land and offshore drilling systems.

DC Solid control design and manufacture the complete mud tank separation systems for all types of drilling applications. Qualified Manufacturing ! Professional ! Reliable !

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