DC oilfield mud solid control system

Our company is a professional design and manufacturing oil drilling fluid solid control system. we can accord clients’ requirement provide ZJ20system, ZJ30system, ZJ40system,ZJ50system, ZJ70 system and ZJ90system many kinds different allocation drilling fluid solid control system. The mud solid control system is the key of keep quality mud also the key of drilling the stander well.

Our company produces the mud solid control system can classification purification and treatment the mud, it also can mix, aggravate, agitate the drilling mud and feed the well mud, it has the function of detection well kick and well blowout.

Solid control system is made of mud tank, mud distributor, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, cleaner, centrifuge the five stages solid control equipment. Mud gas separator and flare ignition device, mud agitator system, mud mixing aggravating system, chemical medicine configuration addition system, mud gun manifold, pure water feeding pipeline, electrical control system and illuminating system.

The design strength of our company is rich, technicist is made of the many years experiences profession drilling personal. We can accord clients’ demand to design and allocate. We can provide quality product for you and omnibearing solve customers’ requirement.

Our company product standers

《 General requirement of explosive gas atmosphere use anti-explosion electrical equipment》

shale shaker design specifications》

《 shale shaker general technology condition》

《 hydrocyclone standard》

《 drilling fluid cleaning system cleaner》

《 drilling fluid cleaning system hydrocyclone》

《 centrifugal pump standard》

《 low pressure switchgear equipment and control equipment general rules》

《 antiseptic control of offshore fixed steel oil production platform》

《 scutcheon standard》

Quality control system accords ISO9001 quality system to design manufacturing overall process quality control.

APIQ1 is strictly follows American oil petroleum institute APIQ1 standard.

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