Centrifuge for is fourth phase oil drilling rig fluid solids control equipment. Mainly separate particle sized 2-7microns. DC Solid control produced the best quality centrifuge working well in -40degree centigrade.

As we know, at the beginning centrifuge for drilling rig is from chemical and food industry, etc. But now, we find centrifuge for drilling fluid process is more advanced and professional.


Centrifuge Main work performance:

1. Centrifuge capacity

Treating capacity is larger than before. Such as there are some centrifuge can even treat
drilling fluid upto 4t

2. Centrifuge speed effect

We usually have two type centrifuge. Including common or middle speed and high speed centrifuge. Commonly, if we only choose middle speed centrifuge we can’t solve
all problems on drilling fluid. High speed centrifuge can separate drilling fluid as two part including water and drier objects. This will benefit environment much

3. Structure

On the structure, we change double motors to single motors driving this make construction more simple and compact.

So if you have interest with DC high quality centrifuge, please feel free to contact us.

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