DC solid control engineer designed a small desander system for Singapore clients which is mainly used for urban architecture field.

The samll desander system mainly include a desander, mud tank and a feeding pump.

The desander matched 2 pcs 10″ hydrocyclone, the material of the hydrocyclone is iron that is customized according to the clients request. The mud tank dimension is 2.5×2.2×1.8m, painted the specified-Sigma brand. The feeding pump is DSB3X2-12 sand pump, with explosion proof and IECEX certificed of the motor.


The main advantages of the small desander cleaning System which designed by TangShan DaChuan Machinery lie in organically combining the advanced mature technology in petroleum drilling and related hydrological, geothermal construction, make full use of existing equipment, greatly improving the drilling efficiency, shorten the construction cycle.

DC Solid control also can design different model mud cleaning system for HDD, CBM Trenchledd and drilling oil field to recovey the drilling mud. If you have interest with us. Please contact us freely.

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