Vacuum degasser is the second stage solid control equipment, which is used when drill above 3000m well, so it is very important for drilling. And how to install it and what hidden dangers it has, please continue to look down.

Common hidden dangers in installing a vacuum degasser;

(1). The degasser is not connected with a flare line pipe, or the pipe is not at least 15m from the mud tank area.

(2). The relief pipe of the degasser shrinks in diameter ot is bent, so that the gas is not delivered smoothly.

(3). The relief pipe of the degasser is upright, releasing gas above the mud tank area.

vacuum degasser

1. Hazard:
The degasser is not installed with a relief pipe, pr the pipe connected outside the tank is less than 15m away. The gas discharged will accumulate in the tank area, casuing danger of explosion.

The relief pipe of the degasser is connected 15m beyond the tank area. The flammable pernicious gases can be ignited at the wellhead if necessary, the 15m relief pipe is connected beyond 15m when the degasser is used.

vacuum degasser1

2. Harden:
If the relief pipe of the degasser has a reduced diameter or is bent, it decreases the efficiency of removing gases.

The inside diameter of the relief pipe of the degasser should not be less than the open diameter of the outlet, and should open toward the road ahead. If the hose is used, it should not be deformed due to compression; a right angle bent should be used to turn a corner.

3. Hazard:
The relief pipe discharge directly above the tank area. Because the outlet of the pipe is about 3m above the surface of the tank, permicious gases cannot be ignited and set on fire. Inflammable pernicious gases will accumulate around the tank area.

The relief pipe of the degasser is connected 15m beyond the tank area. Inflammable pernicious gases can burn at the outlet when released.

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