Mud gun, also called drilling mud gun, is the professional tool of oil drilling fluid solids control equipment, mainly for the mud system; The impetus of mud gun can come from either centrifugal pump or mud pump . Making use of high speed drilling fluid flow stir well mud pit to prevent precipitation.

The stationary mud gun is same as the water power agitating pipeline which is in the tank, the different is the mud gun is installed to the opposite angles which is from 200mm with bottom tank, nozzle direction is parallel with the length ways tank of circulating tank. It can form the tank drilling fluids level rotary. It can guarantee drilling fluid convection.

mud guns

Jet pipe is end pipe, the end of pipe has nozzle. The high speed fluid is discharged from nozzle, after low speed switches the pressure, near the nozzle portal produce low pressure area, the low pressure absorb the fluid into jetting fluid, it is same as jet mixer.

The rotation type mud gun is made of input pipe, gun, crosshead, two bend with nipple, interchangeable nozzle and two box nuts, the mud is connected with input tube by ball-bearing. After drilling fluid through input pipeline, the mud gun, crosshead and nozzle opposite rotate with a certain speed. The rotary is decided b drilling fluid pressure, density and viscosity.

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