Drilling fluid mud agitator is a kind of drilling fluid tank solid control system equipment, drilling fluid mud agitator is mainly used for drilling fluid mixing,preventing drilling fluid solid phase particles subside in circulation tank, drilling fluid mud agitator make the performance of drilling fluid is steady, the mixing is uniformity.


Drilling fluid mud agitator is mainly made of explosion proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and impellers, the motor connect with the reducer, the reducer is connected with wave wheel by rigid coupling. The wave wheel is made of four impellers. Drilling fluid mud agitator wave wheel make the agitator produce vortex motion, in order improve the effect of mixing. Drilling fluid agitator is clamped middle of the impellers, it prevent the mud solid phase sediment around of the bottom impellers after stopping the machine, it can reduce the moment of resistance starting machine and avoid burnout the machine.

mud agitator

The motor of drilling fluid mud agitator use the horizontal type of installation, the reducer use the single stage arc cylindrical turbine worm reducer, it has the big efficiency. The drilling fluid mud agitator shaft seal use the special origination, solving the question of the shaft seal unreliable.

Drilling fluid mud agitator has the characteristics of the center of gravity is low, the stability is good, the effect of damping is good, the overall dimension is small, operation is smooth. The direct connection type don’t have the coupling intermediate link, the structure is simple, the performance is reasonable.

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