DCLW horizontal type helical-conveyer centrifugal is a mechine to separate the soild particles and liquid or separate the liquid and mixture mixed in the liquid by centrifugal force. The main function of centrifugal is to separate the liquid and solid particles in the suspension, or to separate the two kind of different liquid with different density which can not dissolve in each other in the emulsion. And also, can be used to remove the liquid from the mixture of liquid and solid. Some sedimentation centrifuge also can classificate the solid particles in the fluid with different density or granularity by identify the different sedimentation velocities.


The foundation of the centrifugal

There are two reason to use the centrifugal that in the process of maintenance the drilling fluid

1It can selective separation the colloid particles and superfine particles in the aggravated drilling fluid, in order to improve the flow property of the drilling fluid.

2 It can eliminate the small particles in the aggravated.

 The centrifugal can recover the large size aggravated solid phase which is more valuable. If don’t use the centrifugal, in order to reduce the density of superfine particles, we have to discard all the drilling fluid, even if the drilling fluid have a large of valuable aggravated solid phase.

We need to notice that the mud cleaner and centrifugal all can remove the drilling cuttings and recover most of the barites. But the two equipments removed the size particles are different. The mud cleaner can remove the big particles size of drilling fluid, but the centrifugal only can remove the small size of drilling fluid. Their foundation can complement each other, the density of the drilling fluid is bigger than 1.80cm3, it is better to use the two equipments,

The classify of the centrifugal;

the separation factor of low speed centrifugal is 500-700, the rotate speed is 1600-1800r/min, the separation factor of the medium speed centrifugal is 700-1200, the rotate speed is 1800-2200r/min. the separation factor of the high speed centrifugal is 1200-2100, the rotate speed is 2200-3000r/min

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