The process of drilling and completing coalbed methane (CBM) wells is similar to wells in conventional reservoirs. Coring, however, can pose special challenges.

CBM wells range in depth from a few hundred meters to more than 3000 m. As a result, several rig types and sizes may be suitable for a given well plan. The most common rig type is the conventional rotary drilling rig, although modified water-well rigs commonly are used to drill shallow coal wells in locations such as the Powder River basin of Wyoming. Show that CBM drill is similar with Petroleum drilling to use the mud, but the is very expensive, so we must recycle and reuse.


And as a professional manufacture in China, we can design and manufacture a set of mud cleaning system for CBM, the main equipment consists of shale shaker, desander, desiter, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, centrifugal pump and mud tank.

The CBM mud cleaning system is an obligatory constituent part in the modern well drilling equipments, it can content the normal cycle and stable property of the mud in the drilling process, ensure the task of well drilling under the premise of safety, environmental protection and high efficiency.

mud cleaning system

The drilling mud recycling system developed independently by Tangshan Dachuan Machinery Co., Ltd is applied to the whole process of CBM well drilling. This system can effectively control the solid phase content of mud between 5μm~15μm in the process of CBM drilling, and at the same time matching mud parameters ratio, promote drilling mud quality, the mud viscosity ratio can be up to 120s and mud density can be 2.4g/cm3.

So if you focus on CBM and have some requirements of the whole set mud cleaning system please contact us, believe we can provide you the perfect scheme to cleaning the mud and protecting the environment.

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