The agitator is an important part of the mud solids control system. It is mounted on the circulating tank. The vanes of the agitator dip into the mud to agitate the fluid uniformly.To keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably. Below is the specification manual of agitators:


This manual contains important information concerning installation, operation, and proper maintenance of the Mud Agitator. To prevent injury to personnel or equipment damage, this manual should be read by those responsible for the installation and operation of the Mud Agitators.

In addition, the safety precautions below should be followed at all times.

1.Lift the agitator only at lift points detailed in this manual and use properly rated slings capable of handling the equipment weight.
2.The structure on which the agitator is to be installed must be capable of supporting both the static weight and dynamic loads listed in this manual.

mud agitators
3.TURN OFF, LOCK OUT, AND TAG OUT the electrical power supply to the agitator before working on the agitator.
4. Inspect the unit regularly, and replace damaged or worn components only with parts supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.
5. The gearbox on the Agitator has a pre-selected gear ratio to maximize the suspension of solids in solution. This gear ratio provides a great increase in torque that is transmitted to the impeller. Any object that might fall into or be placed in the mud tank runs the risk of being caught by and wrapped up by the agitator.
6. Before entering a mud tank for any reason, the mud agitators should be locked out and tagged out.

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