All personnel responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of this equipment should read the following safety precautions to prevent injury to personnel or equipment damage.

Turn off power, engage lock out, and tag out before performing any maintenance to this agitator. Don’t perform any maintenance or service on the motor before disconnecting the power source.


Discharge all capacitors before servicing motor.
Electrical repairs should be performed by trained and qualified personnel only.
Serious injury could result if safe electrical procedures and instructions are not followed.

Inspect the unit regular, and replace worn of damaged components only with the parts supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.

mud agitator

Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts.
The agitator gearbox has a designated gear ratio to maximize the suspension of solid in solution. This gear ratio greatly increases the torque that is transmitted to the impeller. Never attempt to stop or retrieve any object that has fallen into the agitator tank.

Mud agitators should be locked out and tagged out before entering a mud tank for any reason.


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