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Hookstrip bonding shaker screen is a kind of screen which is designed by our country proper development, it is made of two layers or three layers of stainless steel ne cloth to glue, it without metal plate, the screen cloth according high temperature bonding technology to strong unifies in together. This kind of multilayer structure design increases the strength of shaker screen and using life time. But each screen meshes are different, accurate and reasonable collocation make screening effect is more detailed, it not only can guarantee the enough strength but also increase the effective area in screening process.


Hookstrip soft bonding shaker screen use a coarse mesh screen and a detail mesh screen to bond together. When use it, we should install a network, then the bonding laminated screen is tension.

Field tests show that, the using life of this kind of screen can extend. Special to point out, the two sides of super fine screen is not pressed in crochet, so in tension process, the more fine screen layer bears pressure is very small, it is only used as screening layer. This new kind of pressure layer is separate with screening layer is proved is reasonable and the effect is remarkable.


The crudeness or fineness of bonding grid size and bearing layer screen is according need to choose. The upper screen is more fine, the stress layer screen is more fine, the size of grid smaller. Usually the screening layer use 60-100mesh, the stress layer use 30 mesh, when screening layer is bigger than 150 mesh, the stress layer use 40mesh. When screening layer is bigger than 150mesh, the press layer use 60 mesh, in general the grid size is 33mm*25mm*25mm.

DC Solid control manufactures high performance shale shaker screens designed to handle large liquid flow rate capacity, plugging & blinding resistance, durable & long lasting construction at an economical price. Distinctly respects followings is the installation steps.


1 The inside of the screen body should be thoroughly washed or wiped clean. Be sure that all surfaces are free from debris and that
there are no cuttings or other foreign material caught beneath the screen when it is installed.

2 Make sure tension rails are pulled out as far as the slack in the tension bolts will allow, or insert the tee head bolt and turn 90°

3 Now insert the new screen cloth. Start one side of the screen hook strips under the tensioning rail and slip it in slightly. Start the opposite side in the same manner and with the screen square; push it into the screen.

4 The screen is in place when the hook strips on the screen are flush with each end of the screen.

5 Hand tighten the four corner tensioning nuts so that there is an equal amount of space between the hook strips and the wall of the screen on all four corners.

6 Tighten the remaining nuts hand tight.

DC Solids control designs and manufactures all series shale shaker which is an optimal material for petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project. We mainly supply many different shale shaker screens, including hook strip screen, frame shale shaker screen, hook types for shale shaker and frame flat shale shaker screen.  DC Solid control also manufactures shaker screen panels for all series shale shaker.

shaker screen

Our shale shaker screens products are widely used in oil field, sand control, coal mine, filter liquid and gas.

The layers of stainless steel wire mesh filter cloth are well arranged to achive the optimum filteration for the pretensioned shale shaker screen. Vibrating screen is widely used as shaker screen or quarry screening oil field mesh in solid control.

shaker screens

At DC Solid control our engineers and design professionals can help supply shale shaker screen with a variety of mesh ranges for oil field, sand control, coal mine, filter liquid and gas, etc.

DC by a market need for custom-tailored shale shaker screen system, DC Solid control  will provide an optimal solution for any petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project. To learn more, contact DC solid control today.

Swaco Mongoose shaker screen is one of most popularize screen type which is a kind of steel frame screen. Now, our repeat Russia client order 600 pcs Mongoose shaker screen.


Features of steel frame screen:

1 Every layer of wire cloth has differen meshes, accurately and reasonable making screening more micromesh with high strength aluminium frame, reinforced supports and moderate tension screening cloth, which greatly enhance the tolerable flow, strength and working life.

2 Rapid wedge tensioning devices make screen installation more convenient,and save the time of machine halt for changing.


3 Wire cloth is divided into several independent small cloths to prevent excessive expansion of local damage. At the same time, with a special rubber plug to repair damage, it can save time and reduce using cost.

We can produce shaker screen with different specifications and types according to demands. Our steel plate choose 1.5mm or 2.0mm of high quality SPCC. The stainless steel screen adopts SUS302, 304L,604, 316L, 316 wire weaving. Filtration precision can be chooses different wire diameter according to customers requirements, screens with different meshes match with each other in reasonable accurate way.

Mi-Swaco Mongoose shaker is a dual-motion shaker combined linear and balanced elliptical motion technology for the ultimate in solids removal efficiency. As drilling conditions change, the dual-motion shaker can be adjusted instantly by simply flipping a switch on the control box.

mongoose shaker

The dual-motor Mongoose linear motion shaker is especially effective while drilling top-hole sections where heavy, high-volume solids are usually encountered. In these intervals, shakers need to generate high G-forces to effectively move dense solids across the screens.Following the requirements of drilling, DC Solid control absord abroad advanced technology of Mongoose shakers and combined ourselves design to develop a new type shaker



DC Solid control DCS585-4 shale shaker is same like Mongoose shaker, and all have 4 pannel screens, and the screen size is same. DCS585-4 Shaker with the large treating capacity(130m3/h, 572GPM). And screens are all steel frame which are convenient to install and change. But only one difference between Mongoose shaker and DCS575-4, it is the movement locus, as we all known, Mongoose shaker is the dual motion( linear motion+ balanced motion), and DCS584-4 shale shaker is linear motion.

If you have interest with dual motion of DCS585-4 shaker, please tell me, that we can design and manufacture the dual motion DCS585-4 shale shaker that will be our new design and progress.

The screens used on the VSM 300 Shale Shaker can be easily changed out to suit operational conditions.

The following screen types are used:

Top Deck Screens (Scalping Screen)

The top deck of the VSM 300 screens utilises multi panel pretensioned screens which are used to scalp off large volumes of solids thus protecting the finer mesh of the lower deck screens. The top deck screens are retained in position by pneumo seal clamping systems which enable rapid screen change out.

VSM300 Screen

Lower Deck Screens (Primary)

The lower deck screen configuration of the VSM 300 comprise four (4) multi panel pretensioned screens. All the screens are mounted on a constant 7° ramp. This screen configuration ensures consistent conveyance of solids thus minimising solids build-up. This results in a higher throughput capacity. The lower screens are retained in position by pneumo seal clamping systems which enable rapid screen change out.

VSM300. Screens

Secondary Screens (Drying Screens)

Optional screen carriers are provided to enable secondary screens to be fitted to the front of the lower deck screens. This facility should be used to reduce fluid levels on cuttings when drilling with low toxicity or synthetic oil based muds. The secondary screens and carriers are fitted into ‘C’ channels and held in place by pneumo seal clamping systems which enable rapid screen change out.

Shale shakers are a type of industrial equipment used to remove rock particles from drilling fluid. This drilling fluid, or mud, plays a critical role in the drilling process. To understand how the shale shaker works, it’s helpful to understand how it relates to other parts of the drilling process.

shale shakers

Once drilling begins, this fluid travels down through drilling cables and enters the bore via holes in the drill bit mechanism. From here it washes back up the sides of the bore, carrying rock particles and other debris back to the surface. Once the mud reaches the surface, it heads back to the storage pit for reuse.

In drilling projects with a mud cleaning system in place, this mud flows directly out of the bore and into the shale shaker. The shale shakers consist of a vibrating tray lined with a wire mesh screen.


The choice of shale shaker screen is critical to successful removal of solid materials. The size of the holes on the screen should be matched to the size of the rock being extracted from each bore hole. It is also important to choose corrosion-resistant screen materials like galvanized steel to hold up against the extreme conditions on a drilling site. Many projects include multiple shale shakers so that the drilling mud must pass through several layers of cleaning and refinement.

DC China’s leading manufacturer in regard to shale shaker screen as well replacement screen for all types of shale shakers in the oilfield drilling industry.

We can design and manufacture replacement shaker screen panels for Vibrating all series shale shaker, NOV Brandt Cobra Shale shaker screen, MI-Swaco Mongoose shale shakers. We have supplied first class shale shaker screen panels to over 20 countries in the world. Currently,  we can supply four different shale shaker screen panels, while steel frame shale shaker screen panels are very popular types.

shaker screen1

Manufactured using the latest equipment and proven technology in the production and design of Shaker Screens and Screening products. DC has developed their unique patented processes utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies and superior materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.

shaker screen5

Our all shaker screens are made according to API 13C standard. Including mesh size, cut point, non-blanked area, etc. We adopt high quality stainless steel wire as wire mesh raw material. Weave wire mesh by international advanced machines to keep surface even and plain. The frame and other parts are also top quality material. The baffle painting is electrostatic spray painting to make better appearance and longer service life.

We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to our factory to discuss business, and work together with each client to create a bright future. Contact us for more shale shaker information now.

There are many famous brand shaker screen in drilling field. Now I introduce a famous brand is Brandt shaker screen.

Frame shale shaker screen

Brandt frame shale shaker screen is a kind of common petroleum shaker screen, it is mainly made of two or three layers of steel frame tight coupling on the frame. The frame stainless steel screen cloth shelf is made of high strength rectangular steel tube or steel flat weld, and has many strengthen support bars.

The screen cloth can combine with frame according to metal scaleboard, or directly bond to the frame. Each screen should attach the special rubber stopper to repair the screen. Our company can accord to customers’ requirements to manufacture all kind sizes of screen.

Plate- type screen

Brandt plate- type screen is also a kind of common petroleum screen, can widely used in different industries drilling fields. The product made of 2 or 3 levels stainless steel screen cloth bonding on the opened pore metal scaleboard.

Meanwhile, screen has the special rubber stopper to repair screen damaged, it can effectively save times, decrease production cost. Our manufacturer has the rich production experience and mature technology, we can accord to different customers’ requirements to manufacture many sizes hookstrio plate screen.


Shale shaker screen is one of the main accessories of shale shake, if it damages will serious influence the use of shale shaker, so if the screen is damaged what shall we do?

The solution method for damaged screen 

A When the screen quality is below the standard, usually screen has the upper screen layer and down part stress layer. The two layers should be closely jointed. If the tension process of shaker screen is bad, when screen bottom stress layer is tightened, the screening layer is not tensioning, the thrown force is decreased when work and can’t discharge drilling cuttings.

B If the screen tension strength is not enough lead to screen vibrate, usually the screen edge or bordure layering place is damaged.

C The veer of vibration motor is error, the field operation worker according the use experience of single shaft shale shaker or linear motion shale shaker, think that the drilling cutting is jee is ok, but the method is don’t apply to balance ellipse shale shaker. if the motor false rotate to medial, although the throw angle is 45°but the drilling cuttings have the force of rolling back, the speed of drilling cuttings forward migration is slowly and stay at the screen time is long, even lead to drilling cuttings can’t be discharged.

The solution method:

a when screen box operates, pressing the stop button of electric control box, the shale shaker will stop, observing the ellipse locus produced by the dot moves on side plate of shale shaker, tolling to sand moth is the right direction.

b unsnatch vibration protecting cover and checking the eccentric block whether rolling to outside.

c exchange any two lines of electric control box power source, scatting some sand on screen, the desilting sand speed is more quick is the right direction.

D The vibration amplitude is too small of clay is cumulate, in polymer drilling condition is difficult to screen, it can effective overcomes the viscosity force of drilling cuttings lead to the drilling cutting cumulate on screen and damage the screen.

Solution method

a increasing vibration amplitude.

b using spray water wash screen or drilling cuttings to decrease drilling cuttings’ viscosity, but the method only apply to permit adding water occasion

c adjusting the shale shaker screen angle of desilting mouth end and is conducive to rock debris is discharged by gravity, but maybe lead to running mud.

d replacing screen mesh or adjusting the single screen flow, to ensure the stagnation point of drilling fluid close to screen export to make drilling cuttings is discharged by the function of drilling fluid lubricate.