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The Pyramid screen consists of a standard sandwich construction having two fine-mesh cloths layered with a coarse backing cloth. These three layers are bonded together, corrugated, and then bonded to a perforated plate.


The resulting corrugations are 0.8 inches high on the PMD shaker screen and 1.5 inches high on the PMD+, increasing total screening area and maximizing fluid dispersion. As with the Derrick PWP screen series, the Pyramid screens are capable of making separations as fine as 43 microns.

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Benefits of Pyramid Screens

1. Increased Shaker Capacity—Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens increase the total amount of useable screen area by 50% to 125%.
2. Screen Finer Faster—Utilizing Pyramid or Pyramid Plus screens enables rigs to screen 2 to 3 mesh sizes finer than traditional perforated plate panels. This maximizes solids removal capacities.
3. Makes Fine Separations—Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens are capable of making separations as fine as 43 microns.
4. Fits Existing Shakers—There is no need to modify or replace existing equipment. Pyramid screens fit all Derrick shakers, thus allowing the most efficient use of existing equipment.
5. Easily Repaired—The Pyramid screen design lends itself to easy field repair with RTV products.
6. Reduction of horseshoe effect—The Pyramid screen design keeps the peak areas clear of solids and allows higher fluid throughput. This prevents the horseshoe effect that is common on crowned bed shakers.
7. Dryer cuttings—Pyramid screens minimize fluid loss by spreading thinner layers of fluid dispersion over an increased screen area, resulting in more effective drying capabilities.

DC Shaker Screens are setting the standard for product integrity and performance. DC Shaker Screens manufactures a complete line of replacement screens for all shale shakers in the oil field drilling industry. Whether your vibratory shaker is linear, elliptical or a circular motion machine, DC can provide a quality shaker screen for you.

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When selecting a screen, end users should pay special attention to the screen design and the size of the opening. Most manufacturers focus on the frame structure and shaker fastening applications. However, focusing on a multilayered, wire cloth formula and wire diameter is critical.


The API shaker screen designation is the customary standard for the identification of screen panels in the industry. Before the API RP 13C standard, a huge disparity existed in screen designations, which caused confusion for end users.

Specific to screens, the API designation is the micron opening size and the conductance, which is measured 
by the ease of flow for liquids through the screen. Larger volumes represent a higher volume of handling.

There are many different size and models shaker screen for shale shaker, and it is mainly divided into hookstrip and steel frame the two types. This months, we got an order of 40′ container steel frame shaker screen from Russian clients.

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DC steel frame shaker screen is mostly applied to the shale shakers with wedge fastening equipment. The screen frames using high-strength square steel tube welded into multi-ribbed slab structure, sturdy and durable. These screens are constructed with two or three stainless steel layers bonded to a steel support plank. Accessary rubber plugs may be used to repair rips or tears. Mesh sizes range from 20 to 320mm. DC steel frame shaker screen is produced based on the international standard.

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Based information fo the ordered steel frame shaker screens:

Wire Mesh Material:SS304 or SS316
Frame Material:Carbon Steel
Mesh Layers:2 or 3

Welcome your inquiry of different models shaker screen. We also can manufacture according to your special dimension request.

Shale Shaker Screens are one of the major business for DC Solids Control. We understand, the cost-effective shale shaker screens are very important for the drilling operations solids control equipment.

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DC is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of shaker screens focused on today’s drilling contractor needs. Cleaner mud, increased productivity and screen life are key to any drilling operation. Elgin’s screens deliver effective solids control with precise API 13C cut point and conductance.

DC Machinery supplies all the popular shale shaker screen on market, which are classified into 4 categories: Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen, Pyramid Shale Shaker Screen, Hook Strip Flat Screen and Hook Strip Soft Screen.

DC’s shale shaker screens meet all the international standards with a cheaper price. Contact us today to learn more about how our shaker screens can improve your shaker performance and drilling fluid recycling.

DC manufactures all series shale shaker which is an optimal material for petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project. We mainly supply five different shale shaker screens, mainly including hook strip screen, frame shale shaker screen. Hook types and steel frame is the most saleale type in our factory.

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Steel Frame Shaker Screen is in common used presently, that are constructed mostly withe two or three stainless steel layers bonded tightly to the steel frame.The frame is made up of the high-strength square steel tube or flat steel welded to multi- ribbed construction.These layers are coupled with the frame through metal backing plate or bonded straightly as well.We possess the strong experience and the ripe technology,and will provide various specifications of steel frame screens to serve the clients’ demands.

Material: stainless steel wire, low carbon galvanized.
Weaving and characteristics: crimp before welding.
Uses: used in coal, mine, water profession.

If you have any request of different type shaker screen, welcome to contact DC Machinery.

Most service providers and exploration and production companies understand that effectively removing solids from drilling fluid is fundamental to job site performance and enhanced efficiency. Drilling fluids are a key aspect of the drilling process because they lubricate and cool the drill bit and take drill cuttings from the borehole. Solids control has a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to:

1. Increased drilling penetration
2. Reduced mud costs
3. Decreased disposal costs
4. Increased bit life

ssentially, increased solids removal means lower drilling costs for the operator. Shale shakers are the first line of defense in a properly designed solids control system. Shale shakers work by removing solids from drilling fluid as the mud passes over the surface of a vibrating screen.

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More advanced and efficient designs have been developed including shaker screen technology. A screen on a shaker acts as an acceptability gauge. Either a particle is small enough to pass through the screen, or it is not. Most screening surfaces used in current solids control equipment are made of multilayered woven wire screen cloth.

Generally, multilayered, mesh screens with tensioned stainless steel wire mesh that meet American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications are the most effective. With today’s innovations, a wider range of screen technologies is available that can optimize solids control systems.

Shale shaker is the first level in drilling mud solid phase control system, dispose the mud which carrying large drilling cuttings returned from the well and enter into the second separation equipment. And the main problem is shaker screen replacing, follows are the how to install and correctly adjust the screen.


1.The screen can be used alone, and also can be used duplex and more screen connection. According to users’ requirements to manufacture the inlet mud manifold.
2.Installation and replacement of the shaker screen.
Screen is a more expensive quick-wear part in the equipment, the installation quality is directly influence its service life.
Screen adopts bolts tighten device.
Notice: when operation, firstly tighten the right (viewing from discharging sand mouth) makes the screen outboard clamp the limited block which in the bottom of spiral hole, the three bolts should all firstly fix the middle one and make it is more uniformity. The bolt is the dedicated, when replace in the field we must carefully operate and avoid to lose.
3.Adjustment of the screen box dip angle.
When mud displacement is oversize or viscosity is overtop, screen will running mud, this moment we must rapidly adjust screen box dip angle. The size of dip angle is according to don’t run mud o be as the best. The shale shaker screen box dip angle can be adjusted according to requirements, from -1°, 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°. When adjust it, first take out the archivierungen, then use lead screw adjust it to make screen box dip angle changed, insert the dowel after adjusted. When screen box works, the mud must filled up above 3/4 of screen surface, if it is not filled up 3/4 of screen surface which is show that screen is too coarse. In order to improve purification effect, we must replace fine mesh screen at this times.

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4.The maintenance of screen surface.
Before every stop screen, it should be idling 5-12 minutes, meanwhile use pure water wash the screen.
Pershift should uses water (summer) or steam (winter) washes screen surface and screen shoe at least. Screen and screen shoe can’t have too much sediment. Especially the mud with the big viscosity, density or use above 60 mesh screen. Otherwise, the viscous materials or after the fine sand is dry up on the screen will blocking the screen holes, when re-start shale shaker will decrease screen filtering effect and must run mud and cause the unnecessary loss.

Steel frame screen is in common used presently, that are constructed mostly with two or three stainless steel layers bonded tightly to the steel frame. The frame is made up of the high-strength square steel tube or flat steel welded to multi construction.

These layers are coupled with the frame through plate or bonded straightly as well. We possess the strong experience and the ripe technology and will provide various specifications of steel frame screens to serve the clients’ demands.



Different layers with different density. To arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the screening effect will become more better.

High strength frame, multi-ribs and the mesh cloth with moderate tension, from one reliable combination, which can increase screen’s acceptable flow and lifetime

The wedge –shaped fastening device can make the erection of screens more handily and quickly.

The mesh is divided into many independent small units by grids of the backing plate, can prevent rips pr tears from spreading overmuch. Accessary prepared rubber stoppers can be used repair damages.

We are willing to provide the highest quality shale shaker screen products and the first-class service for both domestic and international customers. Our company sincerely welcomes friends from all over the world to our company to discuss business and work together to create a bright future. Email us for more Shale Shaker information.

Hookstrip bonding shaker screen is a kind of screen which is designed by our country proper development, it is made of two layers or three layers of stainless steel ne cloth to glue, it without metal plate, the screen cloth according high temperature bonding technology to strong unifies in together. This kind of multilayer structure design increases the strength of shaker screen and using life time. But each screen meshes are different, accurate and reasonable collocation make screening effect is more detailed, it not only can guarantee the enough strength but also increase the effective area in screening process.


Hookstrip soft bonding shaker screen use a coarse mesh screen and a detail mesh screen to bond together. When use it, we should install a network, then the bonding laminated screen is tension.

Field tests show that, the using life of this kind of screen can extend. Special to point out, the two sides of super fine screen is not pressed in crochet, so in tension process, the more fine screen layer bears pressure is very small, it is only used as screening layer. This new kind of pressure layer is separate with screening layer is proved is reasonable and the effect is remarkable.


The crudeness or fineness of bonding grid size and bearing layer screen is according need to choose. The upper screen is more fine, the stress layer screen is more fine, the size of grid smaller. Usually the screening layer use 60-100mesh, the stress layer use 30 mesh, when screening layer is bigger than 150 mesh, the stress layer use 40mesh. When screening layer is bigger than 150mesh, the press layer use 60 mesh, in general the grid size is 33mm*25mm*25mm.

DC Solid control manufactures high performance shale shaker screens designed to handle large liquid flow rate capacity, plugging & blinding resistance, durable & long lasting construction at an economical price. Distinctly respects followings is the installation steps.


1 The inside of the screen body should be thoroughly washed or wiped clean. Be sure that all surfaces are free from debris and that
there are no cuttings or other foreign material caught beneath the screen when it is installed.

2 Make sure tension rails are pulled out as far as the slack in the tension bolts will allow, or insert the tee head bolt and turn 90°

3 Now insert the new screen cloth. Start one side of the screen hook strips under the tensioning rail and slip it in slightly. Start the opposite side in the same manner and with the screen square; push it into the screen.

4 The screen is in place when the hook strips on the screen are flush with each end of the screen.

5 Hand tighten the four corner tensioning nuts so that there is an equal amount of space between the hook strips and the wall of the screen on all four corners.

6 Tighten the remaining nuts hand tight.