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Hookstrip bonding shaker screen is a kind of screen which is designed by our country proper development, it is made of two layers or three layers of stainless steel cloth to glue, it without metal plate, the screen cloth according high temperature bonding technology to strong unifies in together. This kind of multilayer structure design increases the strength of shaker screen and using life time. But each screen meshes are different, accurate and reasonable collocation make screening effect is more detailed, it not only can guarantee the enough strength but also increase the effective area in screening process.


Hookstrip soft bonding shaker screen use a coarse mesh screen and a detail mesh screen to bond together. When use it, we should install a network, then the bonding laminated screen is tension. Field tests show that, the using life of this kind of screen can extend. Special to point out, the two sides of super fine screen is not pressed in crochet, so in tension process, the more fine screen layer bears pressure is very small, it is only used as screening layer. This new kind of pressure layer is separate with screening layer is proved is reasonable and the effect is remarkable.

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The crudeness or fineness of bonding grid size and bearing layer screen is according need to choose. The upper screen is more fine, the stress layer screen is more fine, the size of grid smaller. Usually the screening layer use 60-100mesh, the stress layer use 30 mesh, when screening layer is bigger than 150 mesh, the stress layer use 40mesh. When screening layer is bigger than 150mesh, the press layer use 60 mesh, in general the grid size is 33mm*25mm*25mm.

DC Solids Control is a professional and well-known supplier of all kinds of shaker screen in China. At this week, we completed a new batch of pyramid shaker screens at our workshop. Now they are ready for shipping to Australia.

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Derrick Dual Poor600 replacement shaker screens are ready for shipment.

The screens will be used for Derrick Dual poor600 shale shaker. DC shaker screens are popular with more and more users. Our shaker screen mesh ranges from API 20 to API 325. We are confident with high quality and performance of our shaker screen. The reliable and stable quality is from high quality raw material, strict technique process and inspection.


The screens is constructed by 2 or 3 layers of 304 or 316 stainless steel cloth combined together on one steel backing plate.The steel cloth is bent to like pyramid shape or wavelike and then is stuck to the steel backing plate with
special glue.

Are you finding a stable supplier of shaker screen? Please feel free to contact DC Solids Control for any demand or question. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit. Meanwhile, we supply solid control equipment such as mud
agitator, shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, centrifugal pump, shear pump, decanter centrifuge, flare ignition device, jet mud mixer, vacuum degasser, etc. Contact with us for free quote!

Shale shaker is the first level in drilling mud solid phase control system, dispose the mud which carrying large drilling cuttings returned from the well and enter into the second separation equipment. And the main problem is screen replacing, follows are the how to install and correctly adjust the screen.

1.The screen can be used alone, and also can be used duplex and more screen connection. According to users’ requirements to manufacture the inlet mud manifold.
2.Installation and replacement of the screen.

Screen is a more expensive quick-wear part in the equipment, the installation quality is directly influence its service life. Screen adopts bolts tighten device.

Notice: when operation, firstly tighten the right (viewing from discharging sand mouth) makes the screen outboard clamp the limited block which in the bottom of spiral hole, the three bolts should all firstly fix the middle one and make it is more uniformity. The bolt is the dedicated, when replace in the field we must carefully operate and avoid to lose.

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3.Adjustment of the screen box dip angle.
When mud displacement is oversize or viscosity is overtop, screen will running mud, this moment we must rapidly adjust screen box dip angle. The size of dip angle is according to don’t run mud o be as the best. The shale shaker screen box dip angle can be adjusted according to requirements, from -1°, 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°. When adjust it, first take out the archivierungen, then use lead screw adjust it to make screen box dip angle changed, insert the dowel after adjusted. When screen box works, the mud must filled up above 3/4 of screen surface, if it is not filled up 3/4 of screen surface which is show that screen is too coarse. In order to improve purification effect, we must replace fine mesh screen at this times.
4.The fixed of the screen box in transportation process.

In order to avoid shale shaker damaged in transport process, Notice: the locking lathedog must be locked to make screen box and foundation don’t have relatively vibration in transport process; before start operation we must open the locking lathedog, otherwise will make equipment badly damaged.

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5.The maintenance of screen surface.

Before every stop screen, it should be idling 5-12 minutes, meanwhile use pure water wash the screen. Pershift should uses water (summer) or steam (winter) washes screen surface and screen shoe at least. Screen and screen shoe can’t have too much sediment. Especially the mud with the big viscosity, density or use above 60 mesh screen. Otherwise, the viscous materials or after the fine sand is dry up on the screen will blocking the screen holes, when re-start shale shaker will decrease screen filtering effect and must run mud and cause the unnecessary loss.

Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen are mostly applied to the shale shakers with wedge fastening equipment. The screen frames adopt that high-strength square steel tube welded to multi-ribbed construction. They are sturdy and reliable. We can supply steel frame screens with mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 250.


Steel frame screen frames adopt that high-strength square steel tube welded to multi-ribbed construction. They are sturdy and reliable.Steel frame screen panels are consttucted with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers with a steel backing plate and steel frame combined together.

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Main features of the steel frame shaker screens:

1. Different layers with different density. To arrange these layers reasonably and exactly, the screening effect will become more and better.
2 High strength frame, multi-ribs and the mesh cloth with moderate tension , from one reliable combination , which can increase screen’s acceptable flow , the intensity and the lifetime
3 The wedge-shaped fastening device, can make the erection of screens more handily and quickly
4 The mesh divided into many independent small units by grids of the backing plate ,can prevent rips or tears from spreading overmuch. Accessory prepared rubber stoppers can be used to repair damage. By doing so, the operator can cut down the stop time and reduce the cost.

DC Solid Control is a professional manufacturer for producing drilling mud shale shaker and Steel frame screens. If you have any request of any model or size screens please contact me freely.


Hyperpool shaker screen replacement from DC Solid control is right fit panel for Derrick Hyper shaker. It is the corrugated screen panels with larger filtration area.


Replacement PWP Screens for Derrick Hyperpool Shakers

Technical Parameter

Material: stainless steel 304/316/316 L.
Construction Type: PWP (perforated wear plate).
Wear Mesh Shape: rectangle.
API RP 13 C Designation: API 20 – API 325.
Size: 1050 × 570 mm.
Weight: 4.2 kg.
Series: DX, DF, HP optional.
Color: green.
Package: 2 pcs per carton, 20 pcs/wooden case.

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Replacement PWP shale shaker screen  for Derrick Hyperpool shale shaker.
DC-PWP DH Shaker Screen is designed for the replacement screen of Derrick Hyperpool shale shakers. There is an operating handle on one side of the screen and a triangle breach in the center of the opposite side. Thanks to he machine assembled backside seal rubber, even the strip appears a small broken part, the other parts will be steady on back panel still. The most obvious advantage of Hyperpool PWP screen is better resistant to oil. And mesh sizes are commonly available from API 40 to
API 270.

Screen type and mesh selection are crucial to fine tuning your mud system and allows for effective screening and longer screen life. Most manufacturers include a standard set of screens that are good for an all-around starting point.

Keeping a good selection of assorted mesh screens is advised, as different soil conditions dictate different mesh. You want to run the finest mesh possible, without “ blinding” the screens (plugging the screen openings with solids).

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Screens should be maintained during operations by rinsing periodically, and handled with care. They may be easily torn by rough or careless handling, or by having items dropped or set on them.

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DC Supplier designs and manufactures all series shale shaker screens which is an optimal material for petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project. We mainly supply five different shale shaker screens, including DC shale shaker screen, hook strip screen, frame shale shaker screen, hook types for shale shaker and frame flat shale shaker screen. DC also manufactures shaker screen panels for all series shale shaker. Our shale shaker products are widely used in oil field, sand control, coal mine, filter liquid and gas.

Hookstrip shaker screen is a hot model from DC Machinery. The hook strip shaker screen has many advantages. Due to the difference in mesh number of the screen meshes, the user can get more excellent screening effect by using the screen meshes with rational and correct arrangement.

hookstrip shaker screens

The metal lining is designed with different hole size to match with screen mesh of different mesh number. On the basis of ensuring adequate strength, we strive to obtain the maximum effective area of the screen mesh. Meanwhile, the integration of the bottom coarse wire mesh with small mesh number and metal lining enhances the strength of the whole product and prolongs its lifetime effectively. The grid on the metal lining of the product divides the screen mesh into multiple independent small meshes, which can avoid local damage and excessive expansion. In addition, the product is furnished with special rubber plug which is used for repairing damage. This design can save time and reduce use cost.

Features of the hookstrip shaker screens:
Hooks solid, do not slip.
Good filtering accuracy.
Larger effective filtration areas, high processing efficiency.
Soft screen surface, and can be rolled.
No bumps, deformation, nap, flash edge, metal solder spatter, folding, mezzanine and other appearance defects.
Simple and light structure, easy to install and maintain.

Please contact DC Solid control to get more information about the all kinds of replacement shaker screens.

Shaker screen is an very important parts for shale shaker, it is also a quick wear spare parts. DC Machinery can provide all kinds replacement shaker screen for your choose.

Mongoose Shale Shaker Screen is the most sale well shaker screen in solid control system. The shaker screens comes with either steel frame or composite material frame screen. DC Screening produces both type of screens. We highly recommend the composite material frame screen which enjoys a longer service and reduces the downtime during operation.

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There are many reasons for client to choose replacement shaker screens for MI-Swaco shaker from DC. The first one is the relatively lower production cost in China, and big volume production of shale shaker screens by DC can get the client with best price. More importantly, we not only just give you the solutions for your shaker screens requirements, but also we give you the best support with our worldwide distribution or branches including keeping stock of shaker screens, Customized packages for you.


If you want to learn more information about shaker screens, please contact our sales manager adela, email address

Shaker screen is a quick wear parts for shale shaker. And Its quality is directly infulence the shaker working performance. DC Solid control provide you the cost- effective price replacement of King cobra shaker screens.

The King Cobra shaker screens  fit for many shale shaker of NOV Brandt. Such as King Cobra, LCM, Mini Cobra, Cobra mud cleaner, etcetera. DC produce high quality replacement King Cobra shaker screens.

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King Cobra series screen are pre-tensioned screen panel. The dimension are known as 1251×635 or with tolerance as 1250x630mm. Supporting frame tube height is 25.4mm or 19.05mm. We call latest version Cobra replacement shaker screen as VENOM series screen. King Cobra screens average weight is about 14kg, while the composite framed panel will be lighter, it’s about 12kg.

We provide users many options on King Cobra shaker screen. Including the steel frame flat screen panels, the composite frame shaker screens, and the corrugated flat King Cobra screens.

The mesh size are available from API 20 to API 400. The colors can be black, green, red, gray and so on. The perforation can be hexagonal, square, rectangular or triangular. Please do feel free to contact us for more detail and free screen sample

Replacement Cobra series shaker screen is popular product at DC. There are different models, and sizes. Please find more information below.

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Steel framed replacement Cobra series shaker screen

DC manufactures high-quality screen panels replaces for Cobra series shaker screen. There are different pattern or models for steel framed Cobra series screen. Such as the hexagonal punched hole on support plate, or the square hole on the sheet.
For back support frame, there are 2 designs. One is only lateral support tube, the other is both lateral and vertical tube.\


Composite framed Cobra screen replacement

Composite framed screen is popular since the durable frame and steady screen cloth on frame. Compared with steel frame screen, the composite ones are more easier to make and more durable.

Please come to DC and find more information on replacement Cobra series shaker screen.