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As we know, solid control system is the obbligato mud cleaning process. Solid control system is widely used in water oil drilling and HDD industries. Following solid control is used more and more solid control manufacturer appeared in drilling marketing. So the reliable and normative manufacturer is very highlight.

DC is a professional solid control manufacturer of shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, hydrocyclone desander/desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, centrifuge pump, mud gas separator and other spare parts.

Why DC can be as the leading solid control company in China. Now I summarized below.

The strong technical strength

DC has a very competitive technical team including 3 senior engineers and 10 engineers. Our technical team has rich experience to drilling fluid solid control system and related equipment. We master the fourth generation balanced ellipse shale shaker production technology of international leading.

The perfect technology management system 

DC solid control  builds a rich experience QC team and the perfect quality inspection standard procedure. We have already through ISO9001 international quality system certification.

The safety service system

The circumspect before sale and after sale service, according the different requirements of customers provide the advisory and design device. We can throughout provide the spare parts for customer, if customers need our engineer get to their construction field, no matter which country or district, we have got there as soon as possible.

The globalization selling network

DC throughout attend the international market, we have already export to 40 countries and districts. In near future, we plan build a selling service or products warehouse in Russia, Austrian and Canada.

The renowned brands of matching product 

The policy of DC solid control  is providing high quality product for customer. So we choose the international stander quality material manufacture the best spare parts. Other spare parts use international renowned brands (Italian oil, Germany Skf and America Lord). We accord requirements of customer choose the homologous brands matching

Solid phase system is short for solid control system. It is the important device when drilling rig drill well to store, allocate, circulating and purification drilling fluid. Usually it is made of drilling fluid tank, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, deserter and centrifuge, the five levels purification equipment.

Solid control system is also matched drilling fluid supply device, aggravating hopper, aggravating pump, desander pump, desilter pump, shear pump, provide pump, base oil pump, agitator and auxiliary equipment. Besides, all matched pavement, ladder, railing and safety device. It can efficiency eliminate the harmful solid phase which the particle size is bigger than 5-15um and retain the useful solid phase to provide the quality drilling fluid for drilling working.

In the design requirements of solid control system, the efficiency volume of mud tank is 75% of total volume. The design requirements should reach this:

Mud tank should accommodate the maximum drilling fluid circulating volume in drilling process.

The adjustment strength of mud tank should meet the requirements of hoisting, transportation and using density is 2.5g

Each bin in tank should accord the technology process requirements to set the communicating pipe of overflow mouth and bottom valve.

All seal parts should meet the requirements of oil resistance, acid-base resistance and all kinds of drilling fluid.

In solid control system design requirements need equipped with related mud processing equipment.  

Drilling fluid shale shaker: the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement.

Vacuum degasser: the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement.

Desander: the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement. The matched centrifugal pump and motor should meet the requirements.

Desilter; the treating capacity should be 100%-125% of drilling pump maximum displacement. The matched centrifugal pump and motor should meet the requirements.

Drilling fluid centrifuge: the treating capacity should be 5%-10% of drilling maximum displacement.

DC oilfield mud solid control system

Our company is a professional design and manufacturing oil drilling fluid solid control system. we can accord clients’ requirement provide ZJ20system, ZJ30system, ZJ40system,ZJ50system, ZJ70 system and ZJ90system many kinds different allocation drilling fluid solid control system. The mud solid control system is the key of keep quality mud also the key of drilling the stander well.

Our company produces the mud solid control system can classification purification and treatment the mud, it also can mix, aggravate, agitate the drilling mud and feed the well mud, it has the function of detection well kick and well blowout.

Solid control system is made of mud tank, mud distributor, shale shaker, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, cleaner, centrifuge the five stages solid control equipment. Mud gas separator and flare ignition device, mud agitator system, mud mixing aggravating system, chemical medicine configuration addition system, mud gun manifold, pure water feeding pipeline, electrical control system and illuminating system.

The design strength of our company is rich, technicist is made of the many years experiences profession drilling personal. We can accord clients’ demand to design and allocate. We can provide quality product for you and omnibearing solve customers’ requirement.

Our company product standers

《 General requirement of explosive gas atmosphere use anti-explosion electrical equipment》

shale shaker design specifications》

《 shale shaker general technology condition》

《 hydrocyclone standard》

《 drilling fluid cleaning system cleaner》

《 drilling fluid cleaning system hydrocyclone》

《 centrifugal pump standard》

《 low pressure switchgear equipment and control equipment general rules》

《 antiseptic control of offshore fixed steel oil production platform》

《 scutcheon standard》

Quality control system accords ISO9001 quality system to design manufacturing overall process quality control.

APIQ1 is strictly follows American oil petroleum institute APIQ1 standard.

Horizontal directional drilling is short for HDD. The development of domestic horizontal drilling machine is in middle or small scale development level. No matter the requirements of foreign marketing or state environmental protection policy, the market prospect of HDD is very good.

Foreign horizontal directional drill rig is developing toward to large-scale, microminiaturization, mechanical automation, hard stratum working, exceed length and depth oriented monitoring drilling.

In exceed length horizontal directional, when pilot hole drill to a certain distance, the drilling stem is too long and form “s” bending lead to the drill rig is difficult to deliver pushing ahead and appear the track of drill bit is difficult to control. The construction technology of traditional horizontal directional drilling and equipment machines tools can’t meet the requirement of drilling, so solving exceed distance horizontal directional drilling is the emphasis development trend of HDD equipment and tools.

In exceed distance through process, using the counter through technology process is advanced. Using two sets drilling rig drill the pilot hole from distinguish designing import and export soil point, jointing in middle reasonable location can solve the traditional technology’s risk and malpractice. When traditional technology produce exceed distance through, the pilot hole is difficult to control, sometimes it needs repeatedly adjust and the mud pressure is high occur the accident of risk mud.

In counter trough technology, the most difficult and important is the butt joint of pilot hole. The advantages of butt joint of pilot hole for through.

The distance of through is long; especially the through distance is within 2000m and difficult single direction through process; the precision of through is high; there don’t have error of importer and exporter soil point.

The principle of counter through is the main drill rig drilling bit find the auxiliary process drill rig drilling bit, in the drilled holes follow auxiliary construct drilling bit, it avoids the long distance stress bending and easily breakage of single through drilling stem to improve the construction safety factor.

Compared with developed country, domestic popularization and application of trenchless technology can’t reach the proper level.

Drilling fluid is a circulating washing medium in drilling explore. Drilling fluid is the blood of drilling also called drilling hole washing fluid. Drilling fluid can be divided into pure water, mud, no clay phase flushing fluid, emulsion, foam and compressed air. Pure water is the earliest drilling fluid, it need not dispose and easy to use, it adapts the complete stratum and enough water area. Mud is the widely used drilling fluid, it is mainly adapts to loose, fracture, easy to collapse, it meets water will swell and the hole wall unstable stratum.

In drilling process we can accord the change of ground drilling mud to know the bottom well condition.

The change of drilling fluid viscosity  

Abnormal increase: if it is the fresh water maybe meet the gypsic horizon, salt paste layer. We should contact stratum drilling teams at times to know the stratum, taking the right measures and ensure the project is safety. If it is the salt mud or calcium treated mud, maybe meet the loose soft stratum, we should increase the Macromolecule polymer content in drilling fluid and increase drilling fluid density.

First rise after descent; maybe meet the salt stratum or salt water stratum, we should stop drill, cyclic adjustment the performance of drilling fluid, firstly increase viscosity and decrease loss water increase drilling fluid density balanced stratum pressure.

Viscosity is decreased: maybe drill to the high pressure salt water stratum, we should increase viscosity and density, pressuring steady salt water stratum and ensure under well is safety.

Viscosity is increased the foam is increased: we should stop drill and check at times. We should check drilling fluid filtrate chloride root content and contact drilling teams. If the chloride is increase and the high pressure is unusual which indicating drill to the oil gas level. if the chloride is normal and drilling fluids performance is instability maybe drill to CO2 gas level, we should increase drilling fluid density and eliminate CO2.

The viscosity is increase and the colour is black and has offensive smell indicate that drill to the hydrogen sulfide formation, we should stop drill at times, increase drilling fluid density and add caustic soda.

The change of drilling fluid density 

Density is decrease: maybe drill to the oil gas level or water level, appearing the oil gas invade or water invade, we should stop drill at times and circulate aggravate and balance stratum pressure.

Density is increase: indicate that aggravate is too big or drilling cuttings invade to the mud, we should start centrifuge and other solid control equipment, decrease drilling fluid density can meet the requirements of drilling. Adjusting drilling fluid sticky cutting, it also can meet the requirements of well mouth purification.

Mud loose water is increase

The mud maybe is polluted by calcium or salt, we should treatment to the mud at times and increase the capacity of mud resistance salt and calcium pollution.

The change of mud PH 

Decreased: maybe drill to CO2 or H2S and other acid gas stratum, we should increase the density at times and pressure steady the useless gas and add the caustic soda or basic zinc carbonate treatment agent and recovery PH, maintenance the system is steady and ensure bottom well is safe.

Increased: it maybe drill to cement plug. The mud is polluted by calcium, we should eliminate the calcium and recovery system performance.

Drilling teams drill in winter should strictly carry out the winter operation rules; stop break rules to command. Strengthen the routine maintenance working of winter solid control, establish solid control management group, explicit responsibility and ensure the normal use of solid control equipment.

Manage measures of winter drilling field

The installation of drilling fluid circulating store system, deserve system and solid control system should be up to the mustard, it can meet the requirement of each drilling staged,  each agitator and butterfly gate should flexible, the value should installed in the tank.

According rules to dig the sewage pit, the size of sewage can’t be smaller than design requirement.

Before start desander, desilter, drilling fluid centrifuge, using steam preheat the sand pump and liquid pipeline and according the demarcate direction spiral motor flange, ensure person and equipment are safety.

Doing well the heat insulation work of drilling circulating tank, store and deserve mud system.

Strictly comply with drilling fluid design scheme, strengthen drilling fluid management work and ensure the performance of drilling fluid is steady.

The bentonite must be prehydration 24 hours when deserve the mud.

Increase drilling fluid cost, the inhibitor, filtrate reducer and plugging agent should be added enough and keep the wall of well is steady.

Drilling fluid ground circulating volume should be more 20-30 cm3 than summer, each drilling teams should use the good scraper, blowout prevention stuffing box, ensure drilling fluid can recycle at times and decrease the cost.

Strengthen store and manage working of drilling fluid material, the store volume should enough compound above 50cm3 drilling fluid.

We should eliminate the drilling cuttings under the tapered shaped and ensure the switch of the tapered shaped freely.

Preparing all kinds of drilling fluid test instrument and ensure well.

The matters need attention of winter solid control equipment stop use.

Solid control equipment is finished, we should use steam or hot water clean the screen and liquid pipeline.

The pure water pipeline in the up of mud purification tank, the steam pipe in mud pipe should be connected the steam, when the temperature is low, each tank should be inserted 1-2 valve.

Desander, desilter, stainless lift pump and drilling fluid centrifuge, if stop above one hours, the mud in the machine must be cleaned and using pure water clean it.

Before stop use of desander, deserter and centrifuge make the mud is fully discharged, before start the centrifuge, sand pump and agitator, firstly plate moving 2-3 rings.

Before moving, firstly we should clean the deilting in frozen earth tank and access steam in purification tank bottom of ship type, make bottom and make frozen earth unfrozen, Timely tow open and facilitate hoisting.

Drilling workers all hope have a kind of high quality mud to strengthen drilling measure and safety high speed drilling. The good performance of mud depend chemical process, not only the cost is very high but also the performance is difficult to stabilize, it must depend on the efficiency mechanical processed equipment to control the mud content. So mechanical solid phase control is the important link to maintain and confirm drilling fluid’s good performance.

In drilling mud, the big affect of particles size to mud performance and drilling speed is above 15um, it accounts for about 70% of the total amount of solid phase. People want to find a efficiency mechanical equipment to eliminate.

Following the development of drilling technology, the demands to drilling mud is more and more high. Practice prove that the technology of control the mud solid phase to improve the mud performance have already develop a kind of drilling mud auxiliary of stabilize the well condition and improve drilling speed. If we want provide high quality mud for drilling, we need have a set impeccable and applicative mud purification equipment, this is the guarantee of maintain the good performance of drilling mud.

The solid phase in mud is divided into two classes according its functions, one is the useful solid phase, such as bentonite, chemical agent and barite powder. The other class is harmful solid phase, such as drilling cuttings, inferior bentonite, and sand. The drilling fluid solid phase control is eliminating harmful solid phase and save the useful solid phase to meet the requirements of drilling craft to drilling fluid performance. Usually drilling fluids solid phase control is called solid control.

The importance of mud solid control is valued, it have became the important factor to directly affect safety, quality, high efficiency drilling and protection oil gas layer. Solid control is the important method to realize the optimize drilling. Doing well solid control can provide the requirement for science drilling. Correctly solid phase control can protect oil gas layer, decrease drilling torsion and friction, decrease pressure fluctuation of annulus suction, decrease the possibility of differential pressure and jamming drilling, improve drilling speed, extend service life of drill bit, decrease the wearing of equipment and tubing, improve the stability of well mouth, improve the case condition and pollution environment, decrease drilling cost.


The drilling mud centrifuge is used for the recovery of barite, cleaning the fine solid phases, decreasing the volume of solid phases in the drilling mud and guaranteeing the performance of drilling mud. The centrifuge produced by Tangshan Dachuan Machinery has the advantage of high cleaning efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance.

When separate to aggravate drilling fluid, the coarse particles enter into the bottom flow, but the fine particles (bentonite and low density solid phase) enter into overflow. The separation of overflow, it is separating the small particles in processed drilling fluid and diluents, it can decrease the particles’ concentration and the failure rate of solid control equipment, reduce the requirement of dilution.

Firstly we should know a theory, centrifuge is same as drilling fluid shale shake and hydrocyclone, they are all solid phase eliminate equipment. In the process of drilling, the centrifugal separation to aggravate drilling fluid replace the dilution method, it is not recover the barite in waste fluid. It also can eliminate the colloid particles and super fine particles, in order to improve the performance of drilling fluid.


Under some cases, drilling teams uses centrifuge from beginning to completing drilling, and obtain the best benefit. Because some drilling teams uses low density drilling fluid to drill after drilling with a long times, it is aggravated before collapse and high pressure. So the centrifuge has two risks in a cycle. It is mainly eliminate big solid phase particles to not aggravate drilling fluid.

In the process of drilling, the pipe line is combination with Kelly bar, drill stem and drill collar is called drilling string.

Using drilling string take drill bit drill down to the bottom and return the ground. In the process of drilling, no matter the drill bit can drill how depth, it must depend the drilling string to realize it.

The part of drill collar is used to pressure, make drill bit enter in to the stratum more efficiency and prevent inclined. Drill stem can be as the drive shaft. Drilling fluid is transported from the ground to drill bit by drilling string, so the drilling string is a vertical pipe. It can do the special working, such as squeeze cement and dispose the bottom well accident.

Drill string is the hinge connecting the ground and underground, the working condition is very complex, the correctly manage and use drill string is very important.Drill collar

Drill collar is jointed above of the drill bit, it mainly give drill pressure to drill bit and prevent the well is inclined, so its wall is thick and coarse. The thickness of the wall is 38-53mm. its diameter is equal to the joint head of drill stem. So it can increase the strength, it is not easy to curve when is pressured, so it is good for drill the straight hole.

Drill stem

Drill stem is the basic constituent part. It is made of seamless steel tube. The main function is transmitting torsion and transporting drilling fluid.

Kelly bar

Kelly bar is located in the top of the drill stem, there are square and hexagon. When drilling, the Kelly bar cooperate with the Kelly bushing and rotary table bushing, the ground rotary table torsion is transported to drill stem and drive drill bit rotate.


It the place of the drill collar is set a certain number stabilizers, it can meet the requirements of prevent well is slant when drill the straight hole, it can control the well track when drill the directional well. Moreover, the using of stabilizer can increase the drill bit working stability, then extend the service life time, this is important to diamond drill bit.

Elevated line

The rutruning drilling fluid from well mouth is transported to the first level purification of circulating tank. Usually the diameter of the returning pipe can’t be less than 12’’, because the mud often carrying the big mud cake, in order to prevent line is blocking.Returning pipe should keep the slop which is bigger than 3.

Drilling pump inlet line

It is connected with activities tank, the drilling fluid through inlet line enter into drilling pump. Usually, drilling pump inlet line is including drilling pump self-priming lineand replenishment pump replenishment line, but we can choose one type. In small module drilling rig design, it only has replensishment line. In drilling pump inlet line, it needs design the mud filter screen. The inlet mouth of inlet line in all mud storehouse should keep the distance of 200mm-300mm with the hength of bottom tank.

Drilling pump blowdown line

When maintain drilling pump, it needs release line of high pressure mud. The mouth of line is discharged to the near mud storehouse, we should decrease the tube bent of line, and conveniently discharge of pressure mud.

Mixing pump inlet and discharge line

The drilling fluid in mud tank is injected by mixing pump, it connected with mixed funnel, after configuration by mixed funnel feeding, it is transported to the differnets solid control tank, in order to ensure the nees of different drilling conditiom. In offshore module drilling machine device, usually designing two sets of proportioning line.