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The selectivity solid phase control technology 

Application selectivity solid phase control technology, the returned drilling fluid from well mouth through high efficiency screened divided into big grain wet drilling cuttings and sieving fluid, which separated the three class solid phase through classification filter separator, from thick to fine successively is thick drilling cuttings(74~35 µm)aggravate solid phase(35~15 µm)and fine drilling cuttings (2~15 µm), after the aggravate solid phase separated by separator return into drilling fluid system, the coarse and fine drilling cuttings excretion. It can eliminate more harmful solid phase, especially the diameter particles lower than aggravate solid phase harmful solid particles, can improve drilling machine speed, decrease drilling fluid viscosity and dilution water and decrease drilling fluid volume.

Drilling cuttings in –line treatment technology: 

We only value drilling fluid treatment past, but lose sight of the treat to drilling cuttings, drilling cuttings directly discharge into mud pit. Every well all need a mud pit, the area should exceed 500m2. According to treat the wed drilling cutting in-line, can divided into filtrate and dry drilling cuttings, filter returned to drilling fluid system, the dry drilling cuttings are placed in storage and transportation box, centralized processing and recycling used, according to drilling cuttings in-line treatment technology can make drilling cuttings and waste drilling fluid can’t drop on the ground in drilling field, can fully recover available drilling fluid and don’t use mud pit, it has the obvious e economic benefic and huge social benefit.

Drilling fluid recycle technology 

Usually the waste drilling fluid is 100-300m3 after a well drilled successfully. According to the homologous stratum characteristics and drilling fluid type to separate the waste, to the available drilling fluid proceed fully recycle use, can decrease drilling fluid gross, decrease emission load, the benefit is very obvious. Of course, the drilling fluid recycle need a set of processing measure, main including the improvement of drilling fluid performance, classification storage and reliable application.


Applicability and structure

Drilling fluid mud jet mixer, an commonly used equipment in mixing fluid, is an important part of drilling fluid solid control system. When well blowout occurs, it can be used to mix large amount of weighted materials even in drilling fluid within little time.

Working mechanism

The drilling flow into the jet pump with certain pressure, in the jet pump fluid spouts out from jet nozzle first, then flows into shear pipe through mixing chamber, Material will be added from hopper to mixing hopper, and move into shear pipe with the flow. During this process, they are dispersed and mixed. The mixture will enter into drilling fluid tank when flows out of the shear pipe.

The shear pipe is hollow and it can expand gradually based on certain curved surface. It is mainly used to enlarge shearing force inside the pipe to disperse the material further and increase the mixture pressure head, this will make it easy to enter in to circulation tank.

Installation and commissioning

Connect the inlet opening of drilling fluid mixing jet mud mixer with the outlet pipe of sand pump, and the hopper outlet leads to drilling mud tank.

6’’ flanges should be used at inlet and outlet.

The hopper should not be equipped too high, sine the more high, the less of mixing capacity.

The centrifugal pump used here should match with the mixing jet mixer.


The necessary maintenance can improve the working reliability of the jet mud mixer, and prolong its service life.

A Daily maintenance

The work is cleaning the feeding hopper and mixing chamber, keeping the equipment neat.

B Periodic maintenance

Checking the fasteners

Checking the fasteners once a month, be sure they are tightening.

Unit anticorrosion

Painting the paint breakage timely.

Flare ignition device is the treating device of oil drilling, refinery and natural gas gathering and transportation station, using flare ignition device ignite the harmful gas to eliminate the harmful to environment and safety harm, it is a kind of security environmental equipment.

Except for use in refinery and transportation gas, it is widely used in oil drilling process. The device is mainly made of DN200 (DN150) gas burner, GDH-2 electronic igniter, ignite appliance (liquid gas tank, tube), drilling fluid gas separator and other ect.

Working routine 

The working process of the device is:

The combustible gas transported to the burner inlet by pipeline which installed on the safe place.

Connect and start the current exchange and voltage magnification electronic circuit of electrical flare ignition device.

Open the liquid gas storage tank, operate electrical igniter light the draw fire pipe, or directly open the draw fire air valve which can discharge air, use electronic igniter light the flash tube.

Open the gas evacuation brake value, the burning ignite pipe light the evacuation gas.

Closed the liquid gas storage tank, extinguish draw fire tube, keep the combustible evacuation air fired.

The superiority of ignition device 

Electrical flare ignition device make manual work fire up to automatic operation, refraction the humanistic philosophy and environmental protection. So it is necessary to use electronic ignition device, in drilling and formation testing process, open flow is the usual. In past 10 years, open fire up is all manual operation.

The person who approached to open flow point, it is easy to burned, have the big risk; meanwhile, manual operation duration time is long, the accuracy rate is not high, the poisonous gas will discharged to the air and lead to pollute environment. The ignition device produced by DC solid control overcomes the shortcomings. It can fire the poisonous flammable gas at times, remove the pollution and harmful.

Checking routine every day

Checking the connection condition of vacuum pipe

Check gas outlet pipe and the connection.

Checking mud outlet pipe whether unimpeded, discharged pipe outlet must be submerged below mud surface.

Check oil pool liquid level.

Check gas discharge value.

Starting degassing 

Check all electrical equipment connection.

Starting degasser

Degasser must gradually enter into normal working condition. check mud discharge pipeline.

Stop degasser

Stop the vacuum degasser

Open the washing value, washing separation impeller 5 minutes.

Check and maintenance of ever week 

A Speed changing box

Check speed changing oil pool every day, on occasion add Dexron III transmission fluid.

B Top washing device.

We must washing vacuum degasser every week, washing out the mud which dry and hard the vacuum chamber. Make the sufficient number of seawater wash the impeller of upper gas cell.

C Other maintenance

Gear case oil, work with 1000 hours should replace lubrication and cleaning or replace filter assembly. The model of lubrication is Dexron III fluid frivr , oil volume is 2 gallon and the liquid level is 25/64 on galss porthole.

Day time maintenance

Check the inner surface of wear- resisting rubber cone bush.

Check inlet pressure whether meet the demand, ensure small hole is cleaning and give it fair adjustment.

Lubricate the packing of desander pump and desiltr pump.

Three months maintenance

Add the butter to coupling.

Two years maintenance or using 15000 hours maintenance

Check pump impeller, pump case and sail upstream, discharge water valve, when need should replace impeller, pump case or value

Check the bearing and sealing element, when needed should replace.

Check hydrocyclone cone bush and each component, when needed should be replaced.


Different customers have different requirements. In recent days, the 3000 drilling fluid system have already delivered to Jiang Su oil field.

The Jiang Su oil fields is an old customer of ours, they purchase one centrifuge, two sets shale shaker and a vacuum degasser from our manufacturer last two years. Now they place an order of 3000 system including one shale shaker, desilter, desander, centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer.

Because the order is urgent, so the manufacturing period is short, in order to ensure the quality and don’t delay use, our workers all overwork. Now the equipment finished.

On succeeding visits, the customer is very satisfied with our equipment and service, he said our solid control equipment has the advantages of long service life, large capacity treating capacity. The most important is our service is very perfect, our engineers and technology can get to the oil field guide the using and installation guide. He promised, he will establish long terms business relationship.

Our company is a factory focuses on the production, sales and after-sales maintenance service of mud cleaning equipment of petroleum drilling (not excavation). The main products are mud cleaning screen, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud gas seperator, mud agitator, desander pump, shear pump,centrifugal, flare lgnition device, mix funnel, jet mud mixer, mud tank, water tank, diesel tank, etc.

Welcome foreign customers consult.

Hydrocyclone is a taper container with cylinder parts, the upper part cylinder part of taper is into mud chamber; outside set a tangential mud inlet; the taper down part is opened whose diameter can adjust, used to solid phase particles discharged. The closed upright cylinder top part center have a overflow pipe of insert down and extend to below of inlet mud tangent line location. The structure made of cylinder, conical barrel, inlet pipe, overflow pipe, precipitate pipe and ect

Cylinder: its inner diameter shows the intended size of the hydrocyclone.

Conical barrel: it has the separation affect, the taper angle usually is 15º- 20º.

Inlet pipelineDrilling fluid enter into hydrocyclone from it. In order to improve the state motion of hydrocyclone, improve separation efficiency. The depth should stretch to the cone location.

Overflow pipeline: The processed drilling fluid return to drilling fluid circulation system from overflow, in order to prevent drilling fluid overflow in cylinder, the depth should stretch to the cone location.

Precipitate pipe line: The eliminated solid phase particles and little fluid discharged from precipitate pipe line. In order to improve the bottom flow of hydrocyclone and improve separation efficiency, the bottom flow mouth diameter of precipitate pipe can be adjusted.

Usually the shell of hydrocyclone manufactured with cast iron. In order to improve the wear resisting property, the inner all use wear resisting rubber. In order to further improve its service life, some whole shell adopt polyurethane material, not only wear resistance but also corrosion resisting. To big size hydrocyclone, the shell use aluminium alloy, inner lining polyurethane, it can pledge shell have enough strength and decrease the weight.

Design hydrocyclone must base the minimum liquid loss provide the maximal solid phase eliminating efficiency. And it accords to well field physical truth, installation the appropriate number hydrocyclones to increase the treating capacity to meet the requirements of all drilling fluid performance in the whole drilling system.

Petroleum drilling machine:It is the professional machine in oil gas drilling, it is made of several sets equipment. Mainly include power unit, power transmission unit, hoisting equipment, rotating equipment, circulate equipment, instrument and solid control system.

Hoisting system:

Function: rise down drilling machine, case and control drilling.

Constitute: winch; travelling system, hook and derrick.

Rotating system:

Function: rotary system

Constitute: turntable and water faucet.

 Circulating system

Function: circulating drilling fluid can continuation and efficiency drilling can eliminate the crush drilling cutting and carry it to the ground at times, cooling drill bit, stabilize well wall and control stratum pressure.

Constitute: drilling pump, high pressure manifold (ground manifold, high pressure vertical pipe), drilling fluid treatment system (mud tank, solid control equipment, mud allocate equipment)

 Power system

Function: providing power for winch, turntable and drilling pump.

Constitute: diesel engine or diesel engine generator and electromotor.

 Driving system

Function: power of diesel engine or diesel engine is assigned to each working set by driving system.

Constitute: mechanical driving- reducer, liquid driving, parallel operation and shifting.

 Control system:

Function: commanding each system coordination work.

Constitute: electric, gas, liquid control pipe, pipeline, all kinds of control value, clutch.


Function: installation all kinds of working unit.

Constitute: drilling floor foundation, loading winch, turntable, derrick, generator room foundation, loading engine, driving unit:

 Well control system

Function: control blowout

Constitute: blowout preventer stacks-single disc, double disc, annular preventer, stone, liquid pressure control panel, control pipeline.

Mud pump divided into single function and double function the two types, single function only complete once suction and drainage action in piston reciprocating motion a circulation. If according to the number of cylinders, have single cylinders, double cylinders and three cylinders.


In drilling process, delivered mud or water to drill hole to wash the machine. Mud pump is the important part of drilling equipment. In common direct circulation drilling, it can transport the medium of water, mud or polymer washing fluid to drill bit bottom through high pressure hose, faucet and drill column centre, to get the purpose of cooling drill bit, the rock debris cut eliminated and transport to ground surface.

Common mud pump is piston or plunger type, the motor drive pump to crankshaft rotation, the bent axle according to crosshead drive piston or plunger do reciprocating motion in pump cylinder. In the alternately effect, realize the purpose of pressuring and circulation washing fluid.

The main parameter of mud pump performance is discharge and pressure. The discharge calculated by every minute ejectmenting, it is related with drill hole diameterand required washing fluid up-hole velocity from hole bottom, the hole diameter is bigger, required discharged is bigger. The needed up-hole velocity of washing fluid can rush out the rock debris, rock powder at times, and carry to the ground. When geology core drilling, usually the up-hole velocity is about 0.4~1.0 meter/minute.

How to operate mud pump

Checking before start; each connection parts should fasten; Motor driven direction should be correct; clutch is flexible and reliable; pipeline connection is fixed, sealing reliable, bottom valve is flexible and effective.

Before slurry pump start, the suction pipe, bottom valve, pump must injected water upper end of pressure gage should filled oil.

Using hand turn, make piston reciprocate twice, when pipeline insulation is good can no-load operate, after operate, when operation is normal, then gradually increased the load.

We should notice the sealing condition of each sealing device, on occasion to adjust it. The draw bar and subchrod should often paint oil to lubricate.

We should constantly test mud sediment concentration can’t exceed 10% in operation.

Strictly prohibit variable speed in operation, when need change speed should stop pumping and gear shift.

Mud tank is petroleum drilling fluid solid control system, it mainly include FG and ZG petroleum drilling fluid mud tank, mud tank circulating system according bottom tank sharp divided into rectangle tank and cone tank. Tank use plate cone structure or corrugated board structure.

Tank surface and corridor use antiskid strip screen slab, tank screen railing use square steel pipe manufacturing.

Mud tank circulating system tank surface outfit pure water pipeline to clean tank surface equipment, tank surface halftone treated by zinc immersion. The upper tank ladder use U-steel as the main part, the anti-skidding strip type halftone as the pedal, the two sides guardrail set the insurance hook. Petroleum drilling mud tank set the stander sand prevention, rainproof shelter, the inner tank set heat insulation pipeline.

As the mud carrier, mud tank is a obbligato part in mud circulating system, it can complete mud aggravating, mixing, solid liquid separation, degassing and other process; mud tank transport the circulating mud from well mouth to mud pump, according to the related solid control equipment, the solid phase particles is separated step by step, and according mix to aggravate, make it can meet the requirements of drilling technology.

The degassing device on the mud tank can eliminate the harmful gas in mud, to guarantee working field environment requirements and mud proportion. Mud tank uses electric centralized control, in polar region low temperature district, the tank set heating supply system.

According 8 months preparation, we have already attended CIPPE Bei Jing exhibition on 19th-21th March. We took the double amplitude motion, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump and two mud tanks to Bei Jing exhibition.

The three days, we meet a lot of foreign customer, such as Sanal A. TSEDENOV, J.SHOJAEI, Alexey A.Valeev and others.

We make an order with A.Valeev on 20th March. He thinks our equipment is good, the price is lower than other suppliers and our service is complete.

At the same time there are many our old customer also took part in the exhibition, we meet each other and leave a deeper impression.

At last, according the exhibition, more and more customers know our company and talked with many foreign. Some foreign will become my customers and they are very confirmed that will cooperation with our company.

In the exhibition, there are many solid control company, we have learning and introduction each other. We will try our best to satisfy with our customer, and I believed that our company will become the important parts in drilling well industry.