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Following the high environmental protection requirements, the solid control equipment is widely used in pilling project. Especially the mud cleaner with desander or desilter and shale shaker is also a very important part for clients to recycling the piling drilling mud bentonite.

desander unit

DC Machinery is a construction company specialized in pile drilling. We are executing construction of piles of 2000mm diameter and 54meter depth. Please suggest equipment for following purpose;


Model: DC100 Desander Unit
1. Treating capacity:100m3/h
2. Separation particle size:≥74μm
3. Vibrating motor Pump motor
4. Desander cone:DC200 x2
5. Desander unit Weight:2000kgs

DC is now on promoting this type economic mud recycling system, for more information, you may sent inquiry to our mailbox.

The mud system is the device on the jobsite that is married to a particular HDD drill rig. Its job is to provide that rig with the appropriate amount of drilling fluid, so it has to be a good match. A large pipeline project with a maxi rig is going to have a significantly different system. Either way, all HDD machines need a mud system of some kind.

mud cleaner unit

This month, DC Machinery designed a sets of mud cleaner group for a forign HDD project, the mud group flow is about 60m3/h, especificaly have the specification requirements to the motor and all electrical components.

mud system

In HDD drilling mud cleaning system, sometimes there is a single tank, closed-loop system or a multi-tank mud system is required, DC Solids Control can develop the proper system to meet specific requirements. from small HDD (hirontal directional drilling mud system) to deep oil well drilling mud system.

DC design the small mud system is compact and it is very user friendly. The mud system mainly includea a mud cleaner which can also be used as a shale shaker. Clients do not need to remove the cone assembly while use it as a shale shaker. The hopper collection can be used a feeding box for shale shaker.

DC Solids Control Company has specifically designed a new type desander unit for the mud treatment applied in piling project.Bored Piling Desander has been sent to piling site.

Piling desander Plant has the advantage of small occupied area,good treating effect. After the treatment of piling desander,the mud can meet the requirements of discharge,It has important meaning to reduce the environment pollution,decrease the waste of mud materials, and lower the cost of piling.

mud system

1. Compact Mud System
DC compact mud system just has one treating desander or desilter mounted on the top of a small mud tank. It’s equipped with one centrifugal pump to feed the mud into those cyclones. And the bottom shaker is used to separate out finer solids.
2. High Configuration Mud System
DC high configuration mud system is composed by the treating shaker, desander or desilter and storage mud tank. The treated mud can be stocked in GN mud tank which can be reused for drilling.

DC Solids Control manufactures various standard mud systems and customized mud systems to meet customers’ demands. DC mud systems now have been largely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD, Trenchless, Bored Pile Drilling, TBM, CBM etc.

As a general rule, size the mud recycler cleaning capacity to one and a half to two times the pumping volume (max gpm) of the triplex pump. HDD drillers normally run thicker fluids due to the low vertical height and long horizontal lengths of their bores; thicker fluid makes it more difficult for the shakers and cones to process (separate) the solids from the liquids.

mud system

This is largely due to the natural coating ability of bentonite — It wants to encapsulate the solids and “hold on” to them. By upsizing the recycler, the solid particles have a second or third opportunity to process through the mud recycler for removal before going back to the rig.

mud cleaning system

Example: If you are pumping 200 gpm, you would need a 350- to 400-gpm mud recycler system.

Drillers provide an “onboard” mud pump that was sized specifically to the recycler. This enables the driller to use all available drill rig horsepower toward the rotation and push-pull of the drill pipe, thereby not “robbing” it for an onboard triplex pump.

The mud system is engineer designed to clean, recycle and mixing drilling mud in one mud tank package. The flow capacity is 500gpm + with shaker operating at 40 mesh screens and mud density 1.2g/cm³. It removes undesired drilled cuttings down to 12 microns with 4″ desilter cones. Compact design and small foot print allows it to be easily moved and transported . 500gpm mini mud system is widely used in the following drilling applications:

Horizontal Directional Drilling (Trenchless Construction)
Water Well Drilling
Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)
Coal Bed Methane (CBM)


All the equipment can be wired with 380v/50Hz, 415v/50Hz, 460v/60Hz as per the power supply conditions.
The mud tank can be skid mounted, trailer mounted or configured with jack up legs for easy transportation.
The mud tank is designed to be put into a 40 feet container to lower sea freight charges.

DC Solid control design and manufacture compact drilling mud system from 200GPM upto 2000GPM for HDD, water well drilling etc. Customized ! Compact ! Module-Built!

Linear motion shale shaker and mud cleaner is also can be used for water well drilling fields. Also respectively are first and second stage mud recover equipment.

Recent days, DC Solid control finished the production of linear motion shale shaker and mud cleanr for a new clients focus on water drill fields. The below picture is the finished product according to users request.


Water well is not so deep like the oil well, and the drilling cost is also very cheap comparing with oil drilling. However, both this 2 drilling processes need the drilling mud recycling system to speed up the drilling process and protect the drill bit.

Water well drilling may not need the used drilling mud to be separated very clean as it is not requested strictly. Just like this 500GPM unit shipped to Middle East, it is a very compact model, while it has all the necessary separation equipment.

DC Solid control can design standards water well drilling mud system, sucha as 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and others. Though mud system is for water well drilling, it can also be used in other drilling project like HDD. As the working principle is completely the same. The customer killed two birds with only one stone.

According to 2 months email and telephone communication. The clients focus on construction decidede to use our solid control equipment replace their old types.

Below is the delivering pictures.


The order mainly includes desander, desilter, centrifugal pump. mud agitator and mud guns. They are all the basi solid control equipment to recover the big solids.

DC Machinery is a top manufacturer of solid control system mainly design and produce all kinds of drilling mud cleaning system for HDD, Oil and gas drilling, Trenchless. Our solid control system is warmly received by foreigns and domestic clients. If you have interest with us, please contact DC Machinery.

When deploying a “solids control system,” there are several key hydraulic design factors that must be considered. These factors simply provide a “hydraulically balanced” solids control system, however, buyers of solids control systems should not overlook the durability, dependability and return on investment that the features and benefits bring.


A typical HDD solids control system will employ a combination of shaker, hydrocyclone, mixing, pump and compartmentalized tank technologies.

The shaker is vital to the solids control system and is considered the first line of defense. Located directly downstream from the shaker will likely be a hydrocyclone assembly that will employ desilters, desanders or both.

Though still considered rare, centrifuge-enable solids control systems are becoming more popular. By adding a centrifuge, the solids control system will achieve the highest level of cut available within the market today.

DC Machinery can customize all kinds solid control system according to users special request, if you have interest with us, please contact me as soon as possible.

In the beginning of April, DC Manufacturer got a new order from foreign customer, and we meet together in the CIPPE hold in 26-29 of March. The customer mainly focus in CBM (Coalbed Methane). According to about 2 hours business communications, who signed a sales contract with us on the spot.

mud system.

The order list mainly include:

1. One set of mud cleaner who is combination of a DCS850 shale shaker and 3 pcs polyurethane desilter hydrocyclones, the treating capacity is about 80m3/h with linear motion. And two explosion-proof OLI vibration motors.
2. A mud tank support the shale shakers. Side plate of the mud tank is 8mm and bottom plate is 10mm. First sandblasting treatment, then spray preservative special water-based anti-corrosion. Tank-outside: sand blasting, spraying epoxy zinc rich primer + intermediate paint and polyurethane paint.
3. A centrifugal pump feeding for the desilter hydrocyclones. Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump .DC produce the pump with reliability 、 heat-resistant 、large flow 、long life 、low- energy consumption 、easy maintenance and other advantages.

mud equipment

There are different options Mud cleaning sysytem models from DC Solids Control to suit different drilling applications include HDD,CBM drilling, oil gas drilling, water well drilling. If you want to see more mud equipment made by DC Solids Control recently, you may come to visit our factory or directly contact me.

DC Customized mud circulating system can be used in many fields, such as HDD project, Water Well Drilling project, Geothermal Drilling project, workover oil drilling rig etc. At presents, we have a new order from New Zealand for water well drilling project.

This is our another new clients from New Zealand who saw our equipment worked in their country for HDD industry, then contacted DC office to know more about our service and products.


500gpm mud system including below items:

1. One set 500gpm treating capacity shale shaker: DCS700-3. The shaker is with box feeder, convenient for water well drilling rigs, 3 Panel hookstrip shaker screen, easier for shaker screen replacement
2. One set 500gpm treating capacity mud cleaner: The mud cleaner is with same deck shaker as DCS700-3. Also matched with best quality polyurethane hydrocyclones and related differents size nozzles.
3. One set mud agitator. The mud agitator is installed on clean mud storage compartment to suspend the mud and to mix the mud after adding chemicals.
4. One set jet mud mixer with one sets centrifugal pump to mix the adding chemicals.
5. And two sets centrifugal pumps feed for Mud cleaner.


DC Professional drilling mud circulating system company can offer small capacity mud system to big capacity mud system for different requirement application. Eg. 200gpm mud system, 350gpm mud system, 500gpm mud system, 1000gpm mud system, 1500gpm mud system… If you have some requirements, pls contact DC Company office freely. We promise to provide you the mature service and reasonable price product.