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A drilling rig normally has two tanks. A tank is sectioned off into compartments. A compartment may include a settling tank, sometimes called a sand trap, to allow sand and other solids in the drilling fluid to precipitate before it flows into the next compartment. Other compartments may have agitators, which are large fan blades stirring the fluid to prevent its contents from precipitating.

mud tank

To be as a professional manufacturer of drilling mud system. DC Solid control can design and manufacturer all kinds and volume mud tanks according to users’ request. Mud tanks are the base of solids control equipment.


Mud tanks for solids control systems are divided into Square tanks and Cone-shaped tanks according to the shape of the tank bottom. The body of the tank is made by welding the steel plate and section, using the smooth cone-shape structure or the corrugated structure. The mud tank surface and passages are made of slip resistant steel plate and expanded steel plate. The mud tanks are made of the side steel pipe. All of the structure can be folded without barrier and pegged reliably. The surface of the tank is equipped with a water pipeline for cleaning the surface and equipment on the tank, it uses soaked zinc processing for the expanded steel plate. The ladder is made of channel steel to take responsibility the body, the foot board is made of expanded steel plate. The two-sided guard rail are installed the safe suspension hook. The mud tank is designed the standard shanty to prevent the sand and the rain. The pipeline is installed in the tank to preserve the warm air heat.

Mud tank quantity depends on mud process capacity requirements. Especially for mud storage, suitable for mud pump, drilling rig, etc. If you have request please contact us freely.

DC solids control designs and manufactures various types of tank including mud tank, water tank, oil tank, etc.  DC solid control mud tanks are usually used to install solids control equipment, storage mud, mixing mud, etc. It meets utility request of the drilling solid control system, mud plant and solid-liquid separation system. According to different working conditions, mud tanks can be customized into horizontal mud tank, vertical mud tank and trailer mounted mud tank.


Mud tank flow line

The drilling mud tank is normally configured with mud suction line, clean water line and mud gun line, and mixing tank with mud hopper mixing line. Heating line can be added for freezing cold working environment.

Mud tank common material

Plate material, hot rolled bars and sections material and flange bolt / nut material are all sourced for top rated manufacturers and compliant to international standards.


Painting/protective coatings

Surface preparation: Sand blasting / shot blasting; prime coat specification / dry film thickness: 50 µm; intermediate coat / dry film thickness: 80µm; finish coat / dry film thickness: 50µm. Final colors is customizable.

DC Solids control manufacture mud tank for our own fluids processing system but also we supply mud tank with customized desgin.We are located in China iron production City-Tangshan.The price of raw material here is very low and with high quality.There are also many experienced workforce in iron machine production.

Mud tank is an important equipment used in drilling mud circulation system. Usually, the tanks including main body, compartment, walk way, stairs, gurad rail, drain gate, man hole, fittings,etc.The pipelines for cable, etc.

Our Mobile Mud Tanks are used primarily for mud storage. All the tanks feature a double manifold with a landing and integrated safety stairway. They have a round bottom with 6″ gel lines. They are also coated. All our mud tanks can be connected with an 8″ hose.


The mud tanks made by DC Solid control adopted high quality national standard steel. Essentially assure the quality. Professional maintenance will lead tanks long life and good performance.We will do the sand blasting before painting very carefully.

The paintings layers including 2-primary, 2-medium, 1-finish. Anyhow, please clean the tanks completely when stop operating it otherwise the drilling fluid will fill up and too hard to clean out. If we don’t clean tanks fully the internal content may abrase tank wall since main mud are chemicals. It’s very necessary to clean tanks deeply don’t keep anything blocked at drain gates or valves.


Mud tanks play important role during solids control system. If any leakage please inspect all pipe fittings, connections and drain gate at once. Find out the reason as early as possible and do related repairing. If we can’t confirm the reason please contact DC Solid control freely we’ll give you solutions at soonest.

DC Solid control machinery offers a wide variety of oilfield Mud Tanks at competitive prices. The specifications for the Mud Tank that you are viewing are below: * 200 barrel * 3 runner oilfield skid * 4″ & 6″ suction * 6′H x 7’11″W x 30′L. We also design and manufacturing the mud tanks according to your special request.


The mud tank is to store the drilling mud for circulation, and the solids control equipment is for cleaning the drilling solids, mixing drilling mud, or agitating the drilling mud. The mud tanks design including the construction of the mud tanks, selection of the solids control equipment, layout of the pipelines etc.


Mud tank types in the Solids Control system:
No. 1 Mud tank is normally the Shale Shaker tank ( Sometimes there is an extra small tank which called trip tank will the No. 1 tank)
No. 2 Mud tank is the active mud tank.
No. 3 Normally is the mud suction tank for the suction of mud pumps.
No. 4 Mud tank is the mud mixing tank

DC Solid control company designed mud tanks for oil gas drilling, and also the CBM and HDD drilling application, with the sales of mud tanks to over 20 countries, DC Solids Control have the capability to design the customized mud tanks suits for all your application for the drilling.

The mud tank plays a critical role in mechanically removing destructive solids and sediment from costly land and offshore drilling systems, and tanks are designed to assist with proper solids control.

mud tanks

And since each mud tank can be constructed in a variety of sizes and styles based on your application requirements, it’s easy to customize our equipment to your project needs.

Mud Tanks are available for the storage and mixing of oil and water based drilling mud. Tanks feature 500 barrel capacities with epoxy linings. This Solid mounted tank is designed to provide easy viewing of the tank contents. Interior walls are smooth for easy cleanout and speedy deployment. Can be deployed on land and barges.

Product Features:

• Smooth Wall Interiors
• Vapor Tight Manholes
• Skid Solid Mounted
• Square Bottom
• Dual Manifold
• Safety Stairway


Oil tank is the major corollary equipment in oilfield drilling rig, it is mainly used to store and provide fuel to generator set. Now, a set of oil tank was finished the production and to delivery to Kazakhstan. The oil tank designed and produced by our company is easy and convenient to use and maintain.

oil tank

DC Oil tank benefits:
1. Customizable configuration for optimal solutions to users
2. The raw material is from top MFG. Such as HBIS, BAOGANG, etc. Ensure the quality essentially
3. Tank will be welded with bended steel plate. The welding line will do flaw detection and pressure test.
4. All the tanks adopted man hole, ladders, and air hole. There are internal blade to avoid diesel oil heavy shaking during transportation
5. Configure explosion proof diesel pump and level sensor
6. All accessories and fittings are from API and ISO certified manufacturers to make sure reliable quality
7. The internal painting adopted high level anti-abrasion and anti-franklinism. Outside will be painted with heavy anti-corrosive marine paint oil tank.

diesel tank

Besides above, the price of raw material here is very low and with high quality. There are also many experienced workforce in iron machine production.They work very  efficiently. So our production cost is less than other supplier.

The reason why you choose DC Oil tank is we control mud tank production cost well by outsourcing some processing work.So buy Mud tank from us you will enjoy high quality but Good price.We are professional in manufacturing solids control system,so our mud tanks design are very compatible for mud circulation system using.

Drilling cutting boxes are a kind of tank to contain drilled solids in well drilling. Both for onshore and offshore o&g drilling. According to 7 month communication, DC Solid control fincialy got the bider of 40 sets drilling cutting box at Aug. And adter 15 dasy production, we have already finished the production period.


The cutting boxes are usually rectangular tanks. They can be configured on typical oilfield 3-leg mounted skid, can be common container shape, or the traditional roll off. They are always open top for convenient materials handling, furthermore, they are water tight type without leakage.


The cuttings tank certainly can be designed variously as the clients’ demand vary much. But the bottom and general dimensions are same. For example, the tanks can be designed with corrugated plate thicks 8mm. Another proposal is the tanks designed with wall thicks 6mm. And the height can be different. For example, we Aipu produce mainly 2 model drilling cutting box. One is 2000x1600x1060mm, another is 3300x1600x1650mm.

The 40 sets cutting box will be used on offshore rig. All items in this order should be produced with same specs and standard. Another request is the CCS Certificate of offshore drilling cutting box.


In the United States, cuttings boxes (small tanks) must be Coast Guard approved. In other developed areas there are similar requirements. These standards have been developed for safety reasons. Some of the drilling cutting box requirements are:


1. Cutting boxes should have a cover that can be locked down and sealed shut. Lid gaskets should be checked frequently.
2. The Cutting boxes must be of sufficient strength to survive a drop of 1 meter without leaking or deforming. Skids, frames, and braces should be in good shape. If the Cutting boxes is rusty or shows signs of abuse, it is probably not maintained properly.
3. Since the Cutting boxes is sealed, it must have pressure relief to prevent
explosion and vacuum relief to allow the lid to be opened when the contents cool and form a vacuum. A rupture disc is usually installed on the lid to allow emergency venting. Check the rupture disc inspection date. A small valve may be used for vacuum venting.


In developing countries, homemade boxes are sometimes encountered. Transporting and emptying boxes is always dangerous. The use of homemade boxes or poorly maintained boxes can be hazardous.

This month, DC Solid control got a trail order of mud tank from an American famous drilling equipment company. According to 10 days email conformation and calling. DC solid control successfully got the trail order from users at last.

Now the mud tanks already finished the welding process. The Mud Tank is a container made from steel plate and steel tube with an open top for storing drilling fluids on a drilling rig.

mud tank

A Mud Tank is also called a mud pit. Mud Tanks can be of either cone or square shape depending on the shape of the tank bottom. A Mud Tank is necessary in the solids control system and also plays a crucial role for the transport of the drilling fluids. It can be classified according to its functions into chemical tank, metering tank, storing tank and circulating tank etc.

DC Solid control company designs and manufacture the complete mud tank separation systems for all types of drilling applications. Qualified Manufacturing ! Professional ! Reliable !

A Mud Tank is a container made from steel plate and steel tube with an open top for storing drilling fluids on a drilling rig. At the end of March, DC Solid control finished the production of 5 sets heavy mud tanks.

Why I said it is heavy mud tank, because of its thickening of the steel plate, side plate is 10mm thickness, and bottom base is 12mm thickness. But our common mud tank is 8mm thickness, so I call it heavy mud tanks.


Mud Tank is also called a mud pit. Mud Tanks can be of either cone or square shape depending on the shape of the tank bottom. A Mud Tank is necessary in the solids control system and also plays a crucial role for the transport of the drilling fluids. It can be classified according to its functions into chemical tank, metering tank, storing tank and circulating tank etc.

mud tank

Yesterday, the mud tanks successfully passed the third part test, including (MPI, Hydro test and Load test). The clients are satified with our production time and quality and promise will placing another 16 sets light mud tanks in May. Please follow up my blog to know more about it.