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Mud shale shaker is used to separate drilling cuttings for first phase cleaning in a whole solids control system. TR Solids Control focus on designing and manufacturing mud shakers. Shale shakers are components of drilling equipment used in many industries, such as oil and gas drilling, coal cleaning(CBM), horizontal directional drilling (HDD), mining, etc.

drilling fluid shale shaker

DC Solid control to be as a manufacturer, shipped 4 sets of drilling mud shale shakers to foreign clients and they were satisfied with the quality and service and confirmed the next order.

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Main features of our mud shale shaker
Hopper type feed mode reduces feed speed.
Screen box angle is mechanical and adjustable.
Martin or OLI vibration motor.
Vibration strength is 7.5G, adjustable.
Wedge-type compaction device facilitates fast replacement of screen.
Schneider or Siemens electrical components.
Overall heat treatment, long time work.

DC Series mud shale shaker is widely used in Drilling Waste Management, trenchless HDD, city bored piling, oil & gas drilling, tunneling construction, Coal Bed Gas Solids Control System, micro-tunneling, Oil Sludge Dewatering Systems, environment protection, Oil Mud Separation, mining, Water Drilling etc.

Dual motion shale shaker is a kind of solids control drilling mud processing equipment. Shale shaker is the 1st stage solids control equipment to pre-treat drilling mud from drilling rigs.

DC dual motion shaker is DCZKS850, the treating capacity is 600 GPM. By using two vibrators, the two running type can be adjusted easily without changing the angle of the eccentric block inside these two motors. DC dual motion shaker is more cost-effective as DC only uses two motors while most of the other suppliers are using 3 motors.

dual motion shale shaker

DC also has one shale shaker with high G force which up to 8.0 G. WBM is effectively separated by DC Hi-G shaker. For the OBM, DC cuttings dryer and centrifuge is very popular. DC shakers can be used in many drilling sites. The feeder can be adjusted by using different feeding box.


Now many shale shakers, desanders, desilters and mud cleaners are storaged in DC warehouse. DC Solids also has some decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers as well as shaker screens in Houston. Most of the spare parts or wear parts are also storaged here. DC experienced service engineers can also be sent out for commissioning and after sales service.


Although recently affected by the COVID-19, all International trade is difficult this year. But DC Solid control shipped 3 set solid control equipment to UAE drilling market. They placed order on 3 sets mud system equipment without tanks. As they fabricate tanks themselves to save the freight cost.

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The order mainly include the below equipment:
Shale Shaker for primary solids control and high G drying shaker for drilling cuttings management.
Mud Cleaner with desander and desilters for 2nd and 3rd phase solids control.
Decanter centrifuge include fixed speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge, which can be used in solids control, barite recovery, dewatering processing, as well as drilling
waste management.Centrifuagl pump, feed for mud cleaner, screw pump feed for decanter centrifuges.

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The promotion of the equipment in stock is for both sales and rental deal, client can get big discount, fast delivery as well as commisioning serives.All products are design for North America application with international explosion proof standard.

As the solids control equipments need to be integrated ,Instead of a collection of equipment from various sources,We manufacture the entire drilling fluids solids control equipments in our factory.All the solids-control components are specifically designed to function as a single unit.Moreover, DC Solids Control analyzes well parameters and drilling objectives for each application and tailors the right combination of equipments for optimal results.Cost-Effective Solids control Equipment Manufacturer,Your best supplier-DC Solids Control.


Linear Motion Shaker is the new addition to the range of shakers offered by DC Solid control . It is primarily designed for drilling applications where low space and low flow requirements are called for and its rugged construction will take everything you can throw at it and more.


Shale shakers separate coarse solid particles from drilling mud in well bore-hole drilling operations. Drilling mud are engineered with rheological properties needed for efficient transport to the ground surface the coarse solid particles generated by the drill cutting into the soil and rock.

Drilling Shale Shaker Features & Benefits:
G-forces linear motion up to 7.4 G (adjustable depending on the situation)
Hi-speed conveyance of cuttings
Higher processing capacity
Able to process heavier solids loads
Enhances cuttings processing volume
AWD device is adjustable from -1°~5°
Single side shale shaker screens tension system to easily change the screens
Shale shaker feeder can be weir feeder or box feeder

DCS700-3G shale shakers are the linear motion type of shale shakers, which is mainly used in oil and gas drilling field. Today, DC Solid control shipped 12 sets DCS700-3G shale shakers to Malaysia drilling company.


The drilling mud shale shaker is the first phase solids removal equipment used in the drilling mud circulation system. The KAZS Series shale shaker are dual-motor, high frequency, linear-motion vibrating screen machines designed for fine particle separation in the oil and gas drilling mud circulation and waste slurry separation industry. It may differ in the number of screen panels and sizes according the drilling site requirement.

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The DCS700-3 shale shakers have 2 long vibration motor from OLY. Treating capacity is 110m3/h, 3 pannels hookstrip shaker screens whose dimension is 700x1050mm(40- 120mesh). Dimension is 2700×1620×1500mm, weight is 1580Kg.

Besides DCS700-3 shale shakers, DC Solid contol also can design manfufacturer all models of shale shakers, such as DCS630-3. DCS850-2, DCS585-4, DCS830-3 or manufacture it according to users’ request. Hope can get your inquires of shale shakers.


The first line of defense for a properly designed solids control system has been and will continue to be, the shale shaker. Without proper screening of the drilling fluid during this initial removal step, reduced efficiency and effectiveness of all downstream solids control equipment in the system is assured. The downstream hydrocyclones will simply be overloaded beyond their designed capacity.

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Because of their greater efficiency & complexity the use of finer mesh screens is essential. This requires more attention than the standard scalping shale shaker screen.Besides periodic lubrication, fine screen use requires the following care:
1.Wash down screens with power washer regularly
2.Check screens for tear or rips
3.Make sure screens are properly mounted
4.Make sure shaker is at proper angle
5.Check wiring or a regular basis high speed shakers tend to wear through wiring insulation

In addition, frequent checks must be made for plugging or blinding screens. The shale shaker angle can be increased or decreased to help eliminate this problem. For blinding screens a more coarse or finer screen may be installed to help solve the problem.

Remember your shale shaker is your first line of defense in your solids control system, Choose a shale shaker that is correct for your application and have rig personnel learn to use it correctly.