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DC Solid control is a professional manufacture of drilling mud cleaning equipment for overseas market. DC Solid control equipment have taken lots of drilling site in Middle East, Africa, Russia, America, Brazil, Australia etc.

The main product of DC Solids Control equipment including: shale shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, screw pump, vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyor, High G drying shaker etc.

At present, DC solid control has 2 sets mud cleaner and matching hydrocyclone prepared to shiped to overseas market.

The mud cleaner we offer to them, with below technical specifications:

Model: DCQJ250X1/100X8
Treating Capacity: 120m3/h (528GPM).
Hydrocyclone specification: 10″x1/4″x8.
Matching Shaker: DCS630-3 linear motion shale shakers.


The manufacture progress is as per international Standard. After all assembly finish, test with bentonite fluid. All connections and welding points no leakage, and shale shaker works well.


Except for mud cleaner, we export large quantity of matching hydrocyclone for the same users. You are welcome to call Dachuan Machinery to get more infos about the mud cleaner and we are appreciated to supply the cost-effective products and service for you.

Mud cleaner is the second stage solid control equipment used for drilling fluid circulation system, HDD, CBM and Geothermal environmental waste mud cleaning system.

Normally, there are two stages separation process for this item to recovery the mud. While in actual use field, we always combine a group of hydro-cyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit, which we call it as Mud Cleaner.

mud cleaner

Working Process Flow of Mud Cleaner

The weighted mud flows to the inlet head section of the desander and/or desilter entering the hydrocyclones for separation of particles. Mud leaving the underflow is further screened with fine mesh to separate larger particles allowing only barite-size particles to pass through the screen.


Advantages Of Mud Cleaner:

1. High Performance
Processing capacity of 1,000 gpm with the 2-12 desander and 900 gpm with the desilter concentrates solids onto a classification shaker.
2. Reduces Operating Cost
The mud cleaner reduces sand and silt-size particles and saves liquid, thus reducing mud cost, chances of stuck pipe and lost circulation and improving rate of penetration.
3. Reduces Disposal Cost
The mud cleaner minimizes waste generated thus reducing disposal cost.

As a domestic solid control supplier. DC Solid control also design, manufacture all types of mud cleaner according to users requirements, such as linear motion type, dual motion types, double deck mud cleaner and ect. Welcome to your ponderable inquiry.

Drillingmud cleaner  is also called Desander and Desilter assembly,which is the combination of desander,desilter and an underflow screen.Namely,mud cleaners consists of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit.

DC Solid control mud cleaners offer both high performance and versatility for the operator.  This integration of advanced equipment puts forth a unit that can handle large volumes of circulating fluids and is able to retain fluid integrity.

mud cleaner1

With our in-house engineering and design capabilities,DC Solid control can integrate any number of hydrocyclone arrangements with any of our shakers.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

1. High G-force linear motion—adjustable up to 7.8 G—enables more aggressive screening and increased solids conveyance, improving solids separation.
2. The desander includes three 10-in. (305-mm) diameter polyurethane hydrocyclones that can process a total of 1,200 gal/min (4.54 m3
/min), enabling the operator to maintain most normal drilling operations.
3. Each hydrocyclone includes a wear-resistant polyurethane liner that protects the cones and increases the life of the cone.
4. Shaker screens supplied with preinstalled rubber seals require no deck rubbers or wear strips on the shaker basket, preventing solids from bypassing shaker screens and reducing consumable costs.

mud cleaner2

DCQJ Series mud cleaner  is a normal model of our company,we can design customized cost-effective mud Cleaner for customers special needs.Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD Mud Recycling Syste

Mud cleaner is a commonly used equipment in solid control system which is a combination of desander, desilter and a bottom shaker.  Mud cleaner deals with the mud after being treated by the first grade separation equipment. The barite will be recovered and cuttings which are bigger than barite will be removed. Then the barite in the underflow will flow into circulation tanks through the screens when the weighted mud passes while the particles that are bigger than mesh will be removed.


DC Solid control Mud cleaners are given a three-part coatings to maximize equipment life. Spare parts and consumables have been designed to ensure the lowest replacement cost & long-term product durability. Hydrocyclone device number decided to productivity,  and rotary flow quantity and size is the custom 4 “hydrocyclone desilter = 15 ~ 20 m3 / h, 10″ hydrocyclone desander= 90 ~ 120 m3/h.

Design features of DC Solid ccontrol mud cleaner
Shaker: quick screen tensioning system with easy replaced bolts;explosion proof and rated continuous vibration motor;
AWD system: screen basket adjusted within -1°~+5°at 0.5° increment;
feeder box with inlet connection locates on back 10″,1MPa flange.
Desander cones are 10″ or 12″ hydraulic cones and manifold which are made of high-chromium iron while desiter cones are 4″ or 5″
hydraulic cones and manifold of polyurethane.
Convenient dismantlement and transportation of two parts.

Mud cleaner is the second or third stage drilling fluids solids control equipment in drilling fluids recycling system. The drilling
fluids cleaner will handle the solids particle after being treated by the first grade separation equipment.

drilling mud cleaner

Mud Cleaner provides the convenience of a high G force linear motion drying shaker, desander and desilter in a compact configuration
with a minimal footprint.Mud cleaner provides the capability to remove a wide range of detrimental particles from the mud system at
high flow rates, while conserving valuable deck space.

mud cleaner

Features and Benefits
1. High “G” force linear motion shaker improves cuttings drying capacity and conveyance.
2. Circular desilter manifold improves performance of hydro-cyclones.
3. Deck rubbers installed on every screen to prevent cuttings migration past the screen deck area.
4. Long-lasting rugged loop isolators are easy to replace.

DC solid control can design customized cost-effective mud cleaner for customers special needs.Our mud cleaner can meet almost all
needs for oil and gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD recycling system.

In many cases, mud cleaner combinations of vibration motor, desilter cones and desander cones are used together to provide an effective separation. The most familiar combination separator is called Mud Cleaner.

Vibration motor

Vibration motor is the power source of shale shaker and mud cleaner. Usually a mud cleaner or shale shaker will using 2 sets vibration motors whose power are 1.72, 1.5 or 1.8kw. DC Solid control shale shaker and mud cleaners vibration motors are from Italy OLI and Martin or customized by clients different requirements.


Desilter cones

The desilter round and inline desilters are designed to remove silt-sized (12-74 microns) solids from drilling fluids. Both the round and inline desilters are available in 10-, 12-, 16- and 20-cone models, which results in a maximum capacity of 1600 GPM at 75 feet of head. The inline desilter is also available in a stand-alone model.

desilter cones

Desander cones

Desanders cones make separations between 40 and 100 microns, and of fer the flexibility of mounting either one, two, or three 10″ desander cones over a cone underflow pan. Each 10″ hydrocyclone processes 500 GPM at 75 feet of head, allowing for a maximum capacity of 1,500 GPM.

desander cones

Desander or desilter cones choose wear resisting special polyurethane material with excellent resistance to fluid scouring and corrosion resistance. Smooth inlet tangential feeding is conducive to improve the efficiency of separation.

Mud cyclones are arranged in the form of circular distribution to make sure pressure equalization.We can allocate different numbers of cyclone desanding and desiltering cyclone according to user requirements configuration.

Drilling fluid mud cleaner is the second stage of solid control in mud recycling system which is combination of s desander hydrocyclone unit, desilter hydrocyclone unit and a suitable bottom shaker.

DC Solid control can design and manufacture of many different desander and desilter hydrocyclone combination based on the drilling field using requirements. But the conventional type of DCQJ series cleaner is DCQJ200×2/100×8, DCQJ250×2/100×12, DCQJ250×3/100×16 and DCQJ300×2/100×16.


Why users choose mud cleaner instead of the independent desander and desilter.

1. The independent desander and desilter with the sofe hookstrip screen whose the screen ares is small, but the mud cleaner equipped the hard hookstrip or steel frame screen whose the screen are is bigger.
2. Mud cleaner is more convenient to operate.
3. Mud cleanr can to be as the shale shaker, when drill to the certain depth will produce large big solids phase and the existing shale shaker can’t get to the treating capacity, that operaters can change a small mesh screen to the mud cleaner, and use it together with the other shakers.
4. Desander & Desilter & Shale Shaker 3 in one unit mud cleaner for compact footprint to save the tank surface area.


Unique features of DCQJ mud cleaner

1. The material of desander and desilter hydrocyclone is polyurethane with long service life.
2. Different hydrocyclone unit be can equipped in different shakers.
3. Shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel for long service life.
4. Heat treatment on complete shaker deck for High G force operation.
5. Famous Brand Vibration Motors : IEC Ex, ATEX and UL Certified mud cleaner.

Drilling mud cleaners is one of the important equipments for solids liqiud separation system which can be used in many fields, such as, HDD, CBM, Oil and gas drilling, waste water treatment and geothermal Environmental. Welcome to inquiry any other solid control equipment.

We got a new order of mud cleaner from Kazahstan this month. The reason why the customer choose DC Solid control to be their supplier is they saw our solid control system worked in Siberia, then called us to inquiry our equipment.

The customer is a oil and gas drilling service company in Kazahstan. Now they have 13 set drill rigs worked in different areas. He knew our equipment from a Russian client. Thanks for all of my client trust me and satisfied with DC Solid control.

This is the mud cleaner manufacturing pictures for your reference.

mud cleaners

Mud cleaners were developed in the early 1970s to remove fine drilled solids from weighted mud without excessive loss of barite and fluid. Mud cleaners use 4″? or 5″cyclones and 8′, 10″ and 12″ cones mounted over a vibrating screen, and are able to effectively process 400-600 GPM. The process capacity is limited by screen capacity and its ability to discard dry solids.   With the introduction of linear motion vibrating screens, the capacity of the mud cleaner screen has been greatly increased.

DC Solid control can design and manufacture all kinds of mud cleaners according to clients different requirements, if you have interest with mud cleaner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


DC Solid control’s complete line of mud cleaners utilizes our patented multifunctional shaker technology with exceptional performance from our desanders & desilter hydrocyclones in a compact, high-quality, dependable unit at an affordable price. Solids separation technology has grown tremendously in the past decade. DC Solid control will continue to lead well into the future when it comes to innovative solutions to meet your needs.

All DC ideal mud cleaner can be provided with 380V / 50Hz or 460V / 60Hz; generate a noise level less than 80 decibels (dB); and are fitted with an adjustable deck capable of inclinations of -2 to +5 degrees.

mud cleaner

Design features of DC Mud cleaner

Double deck drying shaker / mud cleaner.
Double Deck flowline shaker.
Simultaneous mud cleaner and flow line shaker combination.

mud cleaners

Mud Cleaner Advantages

1. Environmentally Efficient
DC mud cleaner provides efficient removal of sand and silt particles larger than 20 microns, and some as small as 15 microns. Removing and drying drilled solids helps meet environmental regulations by minimizing waste generated and reducing disposal cost.
2. High Performance .
Processing capacity of 1,000 gpm with the 2-12 desander and 900 gpm with the desilter concentrates solids onto a classification shaker
3. Reduces Operating Cost.

The mud cleaner reduces sand and silt-size particles and saves liquid, thus reducing mud cost, chances of stuck pipe and lost circulation and improving rate of penetration.

The development of shale shaker is fast growing in the trenchless drilling fields, and which is different in oil and gas drilling. And many shale shaker composite with hydrocyclone to consitute drilling mud cleaner.

1. Microtunnelling

Microtunnelling project is widely used in Europe. Microtunnelling is a kind of big hole horizontal drilling. which is famous used in city construction and pipe laying or replaced. In preparation for the construction, firstly digging a big diameter and vertical well or well-sinking to convenient to drilling equipment and hydraulic machine. The location of well-sinking is slightly lower than equipment level, so that when drilling fluid return back will forming a settling pond that is good for removing solid phase. The drilling fluid pumped to the ground will pumped to a simple solid phase cleaning system by a submerged pump, this system is mainly consist of a set shale shaker and a mud cleaner.

shale shaker

2. River crossing

In order to lay pipeline in the river bottom, need to drill a small well hole on the riverbed. When laying the big size pipeline, we must use recombination shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge to build a strong solid control system. Drilling mud cleaning equipment reduce the cost of drilling waste.

shale shaker1

3. Road crossing

Laying pipeline and cable required to through the below of the road, when road drilling can’t affect the traffic, nor destroy the road. Usually this drilling size is very small to avoid using solid phase cleaning equipment. If when drilling fluid is accumulation, drilling size is too big or road base is wide must use shale shaker or drilling fluid cleaner.

4. Fibre-optic(al) cable

The laying of fibre-optical cable need no drill bid well hole, but because of often drilling in residential area or commercial district produce the drilling fluid and solid phase must be put into the special device, this solid control system only includes a storage tank , a set of pump box and a minitype shale shaker.