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Flare Ignition Device is a kind of equipment designed and used to burn out the dangerous gas or tail gas from collecting and distributing station of natural gas and from refinery.

Flare Ignition Device

Being a kind of security and environmental protection equipment, the flare ignition device can be used to have the harmful gas ignited and burned to prevent the environment and security from being endangered. The flare ignition device, apart from being used in the refinery and gas distribution station, may be matched with Mud Gas Separator extensively used in petroleum drilling engineering.

Flare Ingitation device

Last week, DC Solid control shipped 5 sets of Flare Ignition Device to India clients. lare ignition device in the drilling fluids processing system always be used like a fire extinguisher that is not used very often, but is really necessary equipment.

In the drilling mud recycling system, flare ignition device is always matched with mud gas separator to prevent the blowout while drilling. In case there is gas blowout, the drilling mud would be guide to mud gas separator through chock manifold to remove the invade gas. Then the gas would be guide to flare igniter device that located usually 50-100m far from the drilling mud solids control system to burn out.

DH series flare ignition device is a special oil drilling equipment to treat the blown down combustible gas, it is also a effective equipment to treat the tail gas in refinery and natural gas collecting and distributing station.

Apart from being used in the refinery and gas distribution station, may be matched with the mud gas separator
of drilling liquid and gas. And now, as a matured product it has been extensively used in petroleum drilling
engineering. The equipment has been popularly used in Xinjiang autonomous region and gas and oil field, in
many foreign countries including Iran, Egypt and Venezuela, etc.

Flare ignition device

How to install DC flare ignition device ?

1. Flare ignition (controlling) device model DH-2 (hereinafter called igniter for short) should be placed at
the place rain-proof and blowing sand proof. The igniter is strictly prohibited bottom up.

2. The igniter and ignition arrangement should be connected with the prepared connecting wire and then have
the ignition conductor end of high voltage screwed down and placed on the discharge needle.

DC flare device is with remote control, and PLC is optional available for less manpower notice for
continually and automatically working.

Flare ignition device is the one of solid control system. It is used to fire the noxious gas. It can protect the environment and human healthy. So each drilling field must use it.

In recently days, we have a inquiry of flare ignition device. It is used in 3000 drill rig. So we provide the DH15/2.5 flare ignition device. The nominal diameter of burner is DN150mm, burner height is 2.5-3m, supply voltage is 220v and ignition voltage is 16kv. According several times exchange, the Indonesia customer decided to buy two sets of flare ignition device.

Now the flare ignition have already finished

flare ignition

According to requirements we provide the complete operation instruction.

a). The ignition button on the control box. The open and closed is the one time ignition. It can be opened and closed many times. But it is can’t be continuous opened and closed four times.

If it needed open when have tried four times (this situation is rare occur), please waiting more than two minutes and go on.

b). Manual Ignition Method. Open the power switch button on the panel. Rotation the right is open. (Rotation the left is close). The rel button on the panel is light. The go on rotation the right, the ignition can be work.

c). The flare ignition button of remote control. Press and release the button is one time ignition. The barrier-free used remote control within 50 meters.

The customer from Indonesia said DC solid control is a top professional solid control manufacturer, and promise will cooperate with us in near future.