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Drilling fluid shale shaker is a kind of filterable mechanical separation equipment, compared with other mechanical separation equipment, its unit cost is a kind of economy and high efficiency separation equipment which obtain solid removal amount. Drilling fluid shale shaker is made of screen body, machine rack and gearing, according mechanical vibration make solid phase which is big than screen hole and the adhesive attraction will screen the solid phase particles which is smaller than screen hole. But all mud can’t be processed in circulating process because of the limit of shale shaker mud permit.

Usually the material of drilling fluids shale shaker is stainless knitted. Usually this kind of screen uses mesh to express the specification. Mesh is the number of screen holes. For example, there are 12 holes in a square screen is called 12 mesh. Screen with a special outfit screen holder will screen into flake tension type fixed on the screen frame. Screen body is fixed to the rack according spiral spring, rubber articles bumper use the type of bottom fixed.

When purchase drilling fluid shale shakers except according solid size and particles size distribution to choose the reasonable screen, we should consider a important factor is the permit throughput of mud screen. There are many factors to affect drilling fluids shale shaker throughput. Such as the type of mud, proportion, viscosity, solid content and size, screen number and ect.

The choice of shale shaker types

Mud shale shake is mainly decided by this foundation

Throughput of every hours

The name, bulk specific weight, viscosity and temperature of screening material

Acidic or alkaline of material (ensure using 304#stainless or 316L stainless)

The particle size ratio of material and the screening precision

Screen mesh

Shale shaker’s space size in production field.

Installation of shale shaker

It is should be installed in level location when install. The quadrangles should be level up and fill up.

In the occasion of don’t have basic, the antivibration rubber sheet should be set between working staging and engine base.

Taking down the transportation support, because the foundation of shaker machine is connected with screen reel by spring, so using transportation support fix the up shaker machine when transport. We should take down the transportation support after enter into installation field.

The vibration machine and cable bear the drastic  vibration, eliminating the particles in screen.

Installation of shaker screen 

Clean the adhesive tape, then put the screen flat.

The two wedges should be contracted at the same times.

Starting up after ensure the screen is installed well, if we found has the noise, we should recheck the screen.

In the process o use, the equipment operate 6-8 hours the wedge should be compacted.

Adjustment of screen box angle inclination

When the mud discharge is more and viscosity is higher, the surface of shaker screen will has run pulp phenomenon. When run mud is more, we should replace the coarse screen; when run mud quantity is less, we should adjust the screen box angle.

Screen box angle can accord to the demand to adjust, the range of adjustment is -1°~6°. We should get rid of the pin roll firstly, then loosen the hoist ring and operation the manual hydraulic pump when adjust.

When the shale shaker works, the shaker surface should be filled above 3/4 by mud, if it is not be filled of mud which explain that the screen is too coarse, in order to increase purification effective, we should replace screen at times.

Weave structure of shale shaker screen is preliminary bending into corrugated form wire, make two bending stuck in the same place to ensure the size of screen hole, shale shaker has bidirectional corrugated bending, lock bending, two way every wave bending, ceiling bending, unidirectional corrugated bending, the structure is strong. Screen is the expensive wearing parts in shale shaker, in order to ensure the service life of shale shaker, DC reading the reasons why shale shaker screen appear fracture.

The screen is fractured with line shape, usually because the screen form the screen box support and between the secondary vibration, mutual impacting cause the screen linear motion has the rules fracture, the reasons:

The screen size of screen is mecism make the screw can’t tension;

The tension agencies of screen machine has problems, the tension flat and screen machine can’t be matched, tension plate mill thin or deformation;

The curved edge shape and size of screen can’t match with the tension flat.

The screen welding breakage led to the structure of screen is damaged.

Rubber strap is abraded.

The design structure of screen or screen machine has defect.

The support strip of screen is lower than screen, the support strip and screen has a certain distance.

The spring rate of around the shale shaker are nonuniform;

The amplitude of shale shaker is too big.

Screen wire has the intersperse and irregular breakage

In general condition, the whole surface of screen produces irregular fracture, according the grain condition of breakage sectional, we can sure that the material has problems. But except the stainless screen more than material quality guarantee period.

Vibration exciter

Vibration exciter is installed the adjustment eccentric block in the two ends, using the centrifugal force obtain the exciting force.

Circular or elliptic vibration

The projection of vibration locus in horizontal is a straight line, but in the vertical is a circular or elliptical, the vibration type is called circular or elliptical vibration. Usually a set vibration exciter is installed in the body of vibration exciter, then it can produce the movement.

Linear motion vibration

The projection of vibration locus in level or vertical is straight line, the vibration model is linear motion shale shaker. Two same parameter exciter are installed in the body of vibration machine, make the two spindles are parallel to each other, the direction is opposite when the two motor operate, so the two sets motor operate must be synchronization, the machine produce the linear motion vibration.

Composite vibration

The vibration of the oscillating body is produced by two sets vibration system, the vibration model is called compound type. It has double frequency compound type and double amplitude compound. Some special performance vibration screening equipment, using the different model and rotary speed motors, they are installed in the feed end and discharge end, make feed end produce the large amplitude and low frequency vibration make screening machine has the efficiency screening effect.

Spiral vibration

The projection of the vibration locus in level is circle or elliptical, the vibration form is called spiral vibration. The spiral vibration is divided into flat spiral vibration, eddy vibration and complex rotary vibration. When the projection of the vibration locus in vertical is a level straight line, the vibration model is flat spiral vibration; When the projection of the vibration locus in vertical is a skew lines, the vibration model is eddy vibration; When the projection of the vibration locus in vertical is a circle or a elliptical, the vibration type is complex spiral vibration.

Shale shaker can eliminate solid phase particles, it rely on the screen hole size and shape. Field data shows that, using 12 mesh coarse screen most can remove 10% solid phase in drilling fluid. In order to more and more fine drilling cutting can be removed, we should use 80-120 mesh fine screen. But it can produce the new questions. The screen hole area of fine screen is less than common screen, then decrease throughput; the fine wire strength is low; When high viscosity drilling fluid through fine screen, the screen hole is easy to be blocked, even completely paste live.

In order to improve screen service life and resisting blocking capacity, the field is also using the lamination shaker screen, the lower coarse mesh screen has the function of supporting. In addition, between layer and layer have certain space distance double or multiple screen. Usually the upper is used coarse screen, the substory is used fine screen. Upper coarse screen eliminate coarse solid phase, it can decrease the burden for substory. The shortcoming is; cleaning, maintenance and replace of substory is difficult. Because screen more fine more be blocked, so the amplitude of fine shale shaker is exceeding the common shale shaker. According high amplitude to strong vibrate, it can decrease the congestion extent and prevent screen paste phenomenon.

When choose shale shakes, we according solid phase grain particles distribution to choose the reasonable screen, we should consider the other factor is the permit throughput of shale shakers. The throughput of shale shakers should be fit for the maximum discharge in drilling process. The factors of influence shale shaker throughput are, except the self motion parameters, it also have the type of drilling fluid, density, solid phase grain particles distribution, content and screen size. In order to meet the requirements of big discharge, sometimes need 2 or 3 set shale shakers parallel using.

Vibration exciter is the direction power source of compelling shale shaker produce desired trajectory, the different type of vibration exciter and installation model, it directly influenced the structure characteristics, working efficiency and using life of shale shaker.

The single-shaft vibration exciter is widely used in the early 1980, it is divided into self-centrifuge type and common vibration exciter the two types, following the development theory improve of drilling fluid shale shaker, the type of vibration had already replacement by double motor self synchronous vibration mode.

The drive belt wheel on the common vibration exciter must follow the screen box to vibrate in the work of shale shaker. This type of shale shaker is called common shale shaker, such as early NS-77screen, NS-80 screen. The structure of simple Single-shaft inertia shale shaker vibration exciter although is simple, but because pulley and vibrate, cause the centre pulley periodic change, make the drive belt elongation or shorten repeated, influenced using life time,Screen box movement is not stable.

The self-fixed centre vibration use the self-fixed centre shale shaker. when shale shaker works, the potation belt wheel of the exciter only do fixed-axis rotation, it is not following the screen box to vibrate. The shale shaker with the function is called the centre shale shaker, such as early 2YNS-D shale shaker, NS-821 shale shaker and ect.

Based on the oil field tests and compared with other shale shake types, balanced elliptical motion technology can consistently provide gentle rolling motion, better solids removal and fluid circulation, less, screen wear. This paper discussed the latest technology in shake shaker, introduced the theory, stricture and performance of the balanced elliptical motion shale shaker.

Although the popular shale shaker is linear motion shale shaker at home and abroad, but looking from the theory and practice, linear motion shale shaker is not the best choose. So areas of abroad allocate the scraper before the shale shaker to dispose the mud.

The balanced elliptical motion shale shaker is more difficult to design than linear motion shale shaker, but following the development of technology and the maturity of the vibration motor technology, design some new balanced elliptical shale shaker.

BEM-3 shale shaker

SWACO company import the SWECO patent technology, use the eccentric block which is slant with the sifter, produce continuation and the same direction elliptical motion, in order to increase the separation effect. In theory, to drilling cuttings screen and dry, the balanced motion is the best choose. Because when solid particles roll along with screen surface, increase the contact area, so increase screening ability. Otherwise, in the same cast angle and amplitude, each unit retention time of balance elliptical shale shaker is longer than linear motions shale shaker.

BEM-600 shale shaker


BEM-600 shale shaker is the second generation shale shaker of SWACO, the product use the balanced elliptical patent technology. Tests show that, compared with other type shale shakers, it can keep the soft movement locus, has the best ability of remove drilling cuttings, it also can improve drilling fluid recovery, Decrease the screen wear. Besides, it cover area is small, the whole stainless steel structure, double-deck reel, the pneumatic structure is steady. So BEM-600 shale shaker has the best wipe method, greater throughput, more quick and more safety method of replace screen and drilling fluid recovery is more efficiency.


MONGOOSE double motion shale shaker

The double motion can form linear motion and balanced elliptical motion in one shale shake. SWACO company combine the balanced elliptical technology and linear motion technology to creatively produce the double motion locus shale shaker. The double motion function and special device, make MONGOOSE shale shaker can adapt to any land and offshore drilling condition,

VSM300 shale shaker

VSM300 shake shaker use multilayer screens, as the minimum screening area realize the biggest screening area. The up screen can protect the down more fine screen, the total area of screen is 5.6m2. When operation, only press the exciting force, the shale shaker can produce 4,6,8 the difference exciting force, so when operation, it need not stop shale shaker, we can also change the solid phase transportation rate, flow characteristic and phase quantity.


Compared with linear motion shale shaker, balanced elliptical shale shaker has the good adaptability, especially to fragile, slime stratum, Its advantage extrude. If reasonable collocate the two types shale shakers, we can obtain the best effect.

Drilling fluid shale shaker is the first class of drilling fluid solid control equipment, and it is used in the whole drilling well process. The rang of eliminate the solid phase particles is decided by the type of screen, the throughput is related with the screen specification. The screen mesh is bigger, the throughput is smaller, the particles are removed are smaller, the removed particles are greater amount. From the production, hoping use the fine mesh screen, from the economic, the using time of the fine mesh screen is short, so the screen needs overall consideration.

The exploitation and popularize of the mechanical laminate screen and the chemical splice screen effectively improve the fine mesh life times and the purification level of drilling fluid shale shakers.

There are many combination types of the cascade screen, usually the sublayer have 12meshes, the upper use the 30, 40, 60 meshes. The drilling fluid shale shakers don’t use the 80 and more than 80 meshes screen, because the screen mesh is greater and the through sieve rate is lower, led to the screen life time is short.

In order to drilling fluid shale shakers are matching with the drilling machine, we must consider the maximum discharge of the drilling pump and the number of drilling cuttings which are produced in the drilling process, as Qscreen>Qpump+Qcuttings

Qscreen—the throughput of the drilling fluid shale shakers, L/S: Qpump—the maximum discharge of the drilling pump, L/S;q Qcuttings—the cuttings volume in the drilling well.

Because the different drilling machine have the different rotation speed, the drilling cuttings in the unit time to the pump displacement is small, drilling fluid shale shakers use the duplex or trigeminy. So Q screen=Qpump n

To the duplex shale shakers, when replace the screen, must have a single screen stop working, the other single screen must can dispose the whole drilling fluid, so to the duplex screen, n=2. When the trigrminy shale shaker works, must have two single screen dispose the whole drilling fluid, so to the trigrminy, n=3/2.

Now the throughput of the drilling fluid single screen is 40-50L/s.In conclusion, we can obtain the shale shakes’ using methods. In the early day drilling, the diameter of the well is big, the pump discharge is big, the mechanical drilling speed is high, producing a lot of big particles solid phase, the drilling cuttings volume is big, we should use the small mesh screen to dispose the drilling fluid. Following the increase of the drilling depth , the diameter of the well is small, the pump discharge is small, the drilling machine speed is low, producing a lot of small particles solid phase, the drilling cuttings volume is small, we should use the bigger mesh screen to dispose the drilling fluid.

In the process of drilling, the drilling cuttings are produced in the bottom well are carried to the ground by drilling fluid, drilling fluid shale shaker is the fastest, biggest and earliest solid control equipment which remove the drilling cuttings, it is the necessary the first process equipment. The engineering level of shale shaker is mainly reaction in the ability of throughput, the reasonable of working, the length of using life, operation and maintenance.

The situation of size of drilling fluid particles, content viscosity and the performance are non changed, the dynamic shear is bigger of drilling fluid solid phase particles, the take off resistance of solid phase particles, the migration speed of solid phase is getting smaller. The theoretical research of foreign drilling fluid shale shaker is fully realize it, drilling fluid flow out from the drilling separator, before enter into the shale shaker screen, setting a drilling fluid impact tank, preventing the drilling fluid directly impact the screen, maximum decrease the shear stress which the drilling fluid return from the well month, not only the stress of solid phase and the motion are reasonable, but also decrease the status of drilling fluid runs and emits and increase the throughput of the drilling fluid, extend using life of the screen.

In recent years, the domestic shale shaker has a great improve, especially in theoretical reach, such as the movement locus of shale shaker and the using life of shale shaker have already reach or approach the word advanced level. But the research in domestic shale shakers don’t attention the importance function of drilling fluid impact tank in shale shaker,  when we choose drilling fluid shale shakers, we must choose the structure shale shakers

In addition, because the material, processing technic, working accuracy and the matching use of the common equipment are different, make the products actually reach the technology performance has a great distinguish. So we choose drilling fluid shale shakers, we must detail know the material, processing technic, working accuracy and the matching use of common equipment instead of the show technical index to choose.

The modular design and standardized platform of the King Cobra Venom Shale shaker offers a wide range of options to meet many rig designs.

The national oil well Varco Cobra shaker utilizes three pretension screens and linear motion to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. This allows the Cobra shale shaker to minimize mud losses while enhancing cuttings dryness. Maintenance on the Cobra shaker is minimal and only a small inventory of replacement parts is necessary to sustain optimal operation. Additionally the shaker’s rugged design offers years of reliable operation.

The Cobra PMD shaker screen is the special screen type. Many shaker screen producers won’t produce them. But some manufacturers will make such goods according to users’ demand.

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