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Shale shaker is widely used in many fields. The common shale shaker is linear motion shale shake and balanced ellipse shale shaker. But the only two types shale shaker have already can’t meet users’ requirements. Different field should use different types of shale shaker, but if in the same field need use linear motion or balanced ellipse motion shale shaker at the same time. One set shale shaker can’t meet the requirements.

So according to the needs, Mi-swaco produced a shale shaker which is linear motion and ellipse motion combination. We call it Mongoose PRO shale shake or dual motion shale shaker.


The mongoose shale shaker has three vibration motors to control the vibrating model. When we need linear motion we can start two motors, if we need ellipse motion we can start three motors. It has a control cabinet can switch the linear motion or ellipse motion.

Operators can change the type of motion required to either handle high volume or produce dryer cuttings, as drilling conditions dictate. With the MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker, nonproductive time lost to changing out shakers to meet drilling conditions is no longer an issue.

The MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker, the latest upgrade to the MONGOOSE line of shale shakers, outperformed an earlier generation shaker in both flow capacity and cuttings discard rates while maintaining the same cuttings dryness.



DC solid control DCS700-3 shale shaker 

Shale shaker is the first stage in solid control system. DCS700-3 shale shaker is a typical model produced by DC Solid control manufacturer. The motor of DCS shale shaker is 2*1.72kw. And the treating capacity is 110m3/h or 440/572GPM. In recent days, we have many inquires of DCS700-3 shale shaker, and we all have the further communication.

Features of DCS 700-3 shale shaker 

The materials of DCS700-3 shale shaker is the GB steel from Beijing Shougang company limited, shanghai baogang Iron and steel Co.,ltd. and Tangshan Iron and steel Co.,ltd. The vibration motor is from the Italia joint venture company. The area of shale shaker and handing capacity are large, the treatment effect is excellent.


In conclusion, So when you need shale shaker, you can contact DC solid control, we can according to your special requirements to design the shale shaker. . Welcome the majority of users to choose DC Solid control.


DC imported foreign technology and combine ourselves development the DC BEM shale shaker

Features and Benefits of DC BEM shale shaker 

  • Design :Adopt ANSYS Limited Element Analysis to optimize structure
  • 4th Generation Balanced Elliptical Motion maximize performance.
  • Metal & Rubber composite material for dumping spring with longer life
  • Vibrating Motor: Italy OLI Brand, IEC Ex and ATEX Option Available
  • Deck Material: Q345 High Strength alloy material
  • Heat Treatment on complete shaker deck
  • Surface painting & coating with heavy anticorrosive Japan Kansai paint
  • Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand
  • Steel frame Pyramid shaker screen to maximize effective screen area
  • Wedged Type Shaker Screen for fast shale shakers screen changing.
  • Mechanical Deck Adjustable while operation for reliable performance

You are welcome to contact with us to get more detailed infos, we will supply cost-effective shale shakers and satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical services.

The shale shaker were first stage of solid control equipment, its work decide the effect of the back equipments and influence the wells. The design of our shale shaker was dericed from observation and operation of similar foreign products.

Shale shaker features:

High vibration intensity;

Large screen surface area;

Adjustable discharge angle during drilling;

Simple compact structure;

Reliable and great performance at a competitive price.

Research of shale shaker 

DCS Series linear motion shale shaker absorbed advanced tech at home and abroad and integrated DC own design. DC complete series shale shaker can meet customers’ variable demand. Clients’ feedback proved the advantages of this kind of shale shaker: high G-force, wide screen area, compressed structure, cost-effective, etc.

Function of shale shaker 

Shale shaker for solids control are devices that remove drill cuttings from the drilling fluid while circulating and drilling. There are many different designs and research into the best design is constantly ongoing since solids control is vital in keeping down costs associated with the drilling fluid.

Welcome to inquire drilling fluid shale shaker of DC Machinery , and welcome to visit and negotiate the business both at home and abroad ; Our company will provide for you the best shale shaker and other equipment related solid control with superior quality and most reasonable Price. And we will sincerely offer our best service to satisfy what you need.

Now, foreign solid control equipment except for good performance, working is steady and long service life, also have a significant feature, it is the standardization, serialization and personalization.

Shale shaker is the first treating equipment in solid control system. The technology level mainly react on treating capacity, work steady, service life and operation flexibility.

ATL Series linear motion shale shaker

Main characteristics

Large treating capacity

The separation particles are fine and dry.

Working is steady and reliable.

Long service life

Driving system maintenance is simpleness

Product category


Structure characteristics: double layers of screen, the upper screen horizontal installed, the bottom screen divided into three parts tandem array.

Advantages: can improve the transportation ability of shale shaker, increase treating capacity and decrease drilling fluid loss and decrease the repeated of rock debris.


It uses stainless steel manufacture, apply to corrosive environment, the service life is longer than ATL-1000.


It is designed for treat fine clay in with large discharge, screen area treating capacity is 6m which is two times of ATL-1000 shale shaker. Structure material can be used stainless steel, also can used the ordinary steel.

ATL drying type:

Advantages: structure is compact, vibration strength is small; it can make solid phase particles standing time on surface is long, make particles fully dehydration, drilling fluid loss is small; can decrease rock debris repeated on screen surface, make the drilling fluid return to circulating system is more clean.

shaker screen is a kind of oil mud shale shaker screen. Because it is the most widely used in petroleum mud shale shaker, it is also a obbligato product in drilling process.

The structure of Hookstrip soft screen is same as flat panel screen, usually, it is made of two panel or three panel stainless wire mesh cloth, it don’t have metal plate. The effective filter area of soft screen is bigger than flat screen, the price is lower, but the service life is short. Our company can accord customers requirements to manufacture different shaker screen.

The screen surface of wave shaker screen is the unique wavy, installation type can be hookstrip or steel frame wedge pressuring device. The effective filter area of wave screen can be 125% to 150% of the same mode flat screen, the treating capacity is increased. Our manufacture can manufacture many variety of specifications wave screen according to customers requirements.

The panel screen is the most famous oil shale shaker screen, it can widely used in different condition drilling. The product is made of 2 or 3 stainless steel wire mesh cloth bonding in open holes metal plate. At the same time, the screen attached the special rubber stopper to repair the damaged screen. It can efficiency save time, decrease cost. our manufacturer have the rich production experience and mature technology, we also can manufacture the screen according to customers requirements.


The screen box of shale shaker should have the reasonable movement locus.

The matched shale shaker can dispose the whole drilling fluid return from well mouth.

Shale shaker should has the advantages of operation is steady, working is reasonable, the transit time of start and stop is less 60s.

Shale shaker operation time of trouble-free running should be longer than 300h.

In order to ensure shale shaker performance demand, the complete machine dynamic behavior should be fit the requirements.


The common ellipse shale shaker: the screen box makes elliptic motion when works and do pitching motion coil centroid.

Circular shale shaker: the screen box makes round locus motion when works.

Linear motion shale shaker: the screen box makes liner motion when works

The technological level of shale shaker is mainly reflect on the processing capacity, the stability of working, the length of service life and the flexibility of operation. The processing capacity of shale shaker is related with the structure, movement locus, vibration frequency, vibration strength, screen area and thickness.

Usually the modern shale shakers are high speed, linear, fine mesh, multilayer shale shaker. It plays the important roles in solid phase control system.

Circular shale shaker

Single shaft inertia shale shaker adopts eccentric shaft or eccentric block as the exciter. The movement locus is circular or quasi-circular. It has the advantages of the structure is simple, cost lower, migration is convenient, easy to maintain compared with double shaft inertia shale shaker.

Linear motion shale shaker

The two eccentric blocks with equal quality do synchronization contrarotation produce the

equal centrifugal force. In each instant position, centrifugal force plus the geometrical sum of these force which along with vibration direction is cancelled out with the geometrical sum of these force of vertical direction. So the exciter only form the exciter force in

vibration direction t make screen box do linear motion vibration. Usually the throw angle of drilling fluid linear shale shaker is 45°~60°.

Ellipse motion shale shaker

Ellipse shale shaker integrated the advantages of linear motion and circular shale shaker. The long shaft of ellipse shale shaker is the component of strengthen transportation material, the short shaft can decrease parts materials block the holes. In general condition, the total throughput of ellipse shale shaker is bigger about 26% than linear motion shale shaker ad circular shale shaker.

DC designs, manufactures and operates a complete line of advanced balanced-elliptical and linear-motion shakers for all onshore and offshore applications.

Shale shaker is mainly used to remove the drilling cuttings return to the ground from wellhead, so as to meet the basic requirements of the next equipment in the oil drilling. If the shale shaker can’t work properly, it will affect other follow-up solid control equipments. Therefore, shale shaker is a essential solid control equipment.

Linear Shale Shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in drilling mud system, it is also the key equipment for the mud system. It is designed with the global most mature and popularly applied dual-shaft synchronized inertia straight-line vibration theory, with features as follow:

Unique, rugged basket design

Few replacement parts

Provides optimal mud coverage of screen surface

Small parts inventory provides costs savings

A dry solids discharge help reduce mud loss

Keeps the mud pool volume small, which helps to increase screen life

DC shale shakers will decrease inconvenience between original shale shakers and the replacement. All users will appreciate this to get correct solutions. And this is also high quality symbol.

Shale Shaker Parameters

TYPE DCS585-3/4 DCS630-3 DCS700-3/4 DCS830-2/3
Shake Locus linear type or ellipse type
Motor Power 2×1.5/1.72KW 2×1.5KW 2×1.5/1.72KW 2×1.3/1.72KW
Shake Strength ≤7.0G
Amplitude 5~6mm
Thruput Per Screen 100/130 m3/h 440/572GPM 120 m3/h 528GPM 110/130 m3/h 440/572GPM 80/130 m3/h 352/528GPM
Angle Of Screen -1°~5°
Motor frequency and voltage 380V/50HZ(Foreign custom motor according to customer requirements)
Screen Area 2/2.73 m2 2.36m2 2.2/2.94m2 1.8/2.7m2
Screen Specification 585×1165mm (40~250) 630×1250mm (40~250) 700×1050mm (40~250) 830×1080mm (40~250)
Remarks The proportion of thruput per screen in the total amount is:1.2g/cm3,the viscosity is:45s

Our clients appreciate our shale shakers because of our high quality, short delivery, low cost. If you are interested please feel free to contact DC shale shakers



In order to prevent the innerstress is appeared from welding don’t allow weld screen box and any auxiliary parts.

We should adopt these steps when weld shale shaker

Drilling 6mm hole in one end of flaw in order to prevent flaw extend.

Using round shovel spade groove along two sides of flaw.

Firstly preheat about 60℃ using 3mm diameter welding electrode to prevent any slag inclusions and bite meat condition.

Rubdown the protuberant electrode and weld the stiffening plate.

If id needs weld in screen surface bracket beam, all welding line should be parallel with beam.

When use alternating current weld the screen box should connect the ground to prevent current conveyance the bearing. Otherwise it is easy to led bearing damage.

The cutting surface will produce stress when flame cut, so the any addition holes all advised drill.

Installation requirements of mud shale shaker

When knit drilling fluid shaker screen and screen bracket is matched special vibration attenuation rubber strip. In order to make screen can reach the longest service life, the rubber strip should placed in among of screen and bracket.

We should ensure the equal interval between two sides of shale shaker screen box and screen hook when replace knit screen, we should fix the centre and compact steel flat at first, then tension the plate to keep the stress of screen surface is uniformity. It is one of the premature failure reason If the connecting is not good, the stress is not enough or uneven.

The factors are decided the performance of shale shaker: vibration type, amplitude and frequency, the inclination of screen, the number of screen and screen area.

Factor one: vibration type

The vibration type of shale shaker has three types, round type, ellipse and linear motion, every motion type is the oscillator is in the different locations in the system centre to produce. The oscillator in the system centre gravity produce circle type motion; oscillator is in the up of centre gravity produce ellipse type motion. The screen surface must have inclination to ellipse motion and transport drilling cuttings. But the screen surface will decrease the screen content. The oscillator is in the front above of centre gravity will produce linear motion and eliminate solid phase. Linear motion has the fixed drilling cuttings transportation speed, screen surface can be plane and a little bias.

Factor two: Amplitude and frequency

The screen content of shale shaker is decided by three parameters; amplitude or stroke, vibration type and oscillator rotary speed. The oscillator rotary speed decided the size of shale shaker vibration frequency, rotary speed is more high, vibration frequency is more high, eliminate solid phase effect is more good. The vibration frequency of domestic high frequency shale shaker is 2000 times/min. The size of drilling fluid shale shaker is decided by the quality and eccentricity. The amplitude is the distance of shake screen vertical motion.

Factor three: the inclination and mesh of screen cloth

Screen cloth drive all drilling fluid movement according vibration to separate solid phase. Usually the ellipse motion shale shaker is installed according different inclination. The purpose is reasonable discharge drilling cuttings, the screen surface can be a slope, it also can be divided into several slopes. Multistage shale shaker have multideck screen cloth, drilling fluid must through the first screen cloth then enter into second screen cloth in the 2-3 screen cloth shale shaker.

Factor four: screen

Drilling fluids shale shaker is the main method of solid phase separation. If shale shaker use is unreasonable or the size of screen is unreasonable, solid phase separation efficiency will be decreased. If the installation of screen is unreasonable and the support is not enough, the screen will be quickly frayed or tear.

A The screen cloth can be square, rectangle and multilayer design.

B Weaving type is the important factor of screen design. It mainly has plane square woven, rectangular holes woven, plain grid woven and twill. The grid and rectangular is widely used.

C The size of screen has two different ways, screen hole diameter and mesh. The mesh is referring begin from centre line, the number of holes of every inches.