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Last week, our engineer went to the karachi, pakistan to adjust the decanter centrifuge for clients who are mainly focus on rice protein, according to 2 days commission, adjusting, and training, the users have already well know the decanter centrifuge.


DCLW Series decanter centrifuges provide exceptional performance when separating solids from 1 or 2 liquid phases in one single continuous process. The units are designed to handle a wide range of particles with diameters from 5 mm to a few microns.

With their high efficiency, continuous operation, low capital cost/capacity ratio, low maintenance costs and low energy consumption, the decanter centrifuges are ideal to use in a range of duties including process, food and waste applications.


DC Machinery uses high-grade stainless steel for all parts that come into contact with the process, in order to avoid any risk of the corrosion associated with the use of carbon steel. Corrosion leads to product contamination, lack of balance, high maintenance and lengthy down time.

Following the development and progress of decanter centrifuges. More and more textile enterprise choose the small treating capacity decanter centrifuge used for separate the solid phase in the wastewater.

The solid bowl decanter is a basic, standard machine to which features can be added for special applications. The solid bowl is ideal for clarification of liquids, thickening of sludges, and separation of solids.


Process conditions of the textile field decanter centrifuge:
1. Compact design at high specific throughput
2. Low vibration levels
3. Absolute pressures from 0 to 8 bar
4. -90° C to +200° C
5. CIP cleaning
6. Flameproof or explosion-proof standards making the decanter ideal for applications with solvents and hazardous materials.

decanter centrifuge

The solids dewater by a combination of drainage and compression. The degree of drainage/compression depends on the nature of the solids, the setting of the centrifuge, and the required degree of dewatering. The transport and discharge of pasty, sludge-like or shear-sensitive solids are facilitated by the appropriate combination of conveyor geometry, cone geometry, and control of the differential speed.

Drilling fluid centrifuge is an important part in solid control system. Drilling mud cleaning first stage uses drilling fluids shale shaker ,then second stage uses desander,third desilter,(now drilling mud cleaner is widely used to replace desander,desilter).

As we know, at the beginning centrifuge for drilling rig is from chemical and food industry, etc. But now, we find centrifuge for drilling fluid process is more advanced and professional.

drilling fluid centrifuge

The drilling mud decanter centrifuges can separate fine particles well,for separating 5~7μm particles in drilling mud,usually use medium speed decanter centrifuge,for less then 2μm,usually use high speed decanter centrifuges.

Actually, in drilling rig solids control system centrifuge is the most complicated one. It is rather difficult for operator get leagal operation, etc. However, in long term its important position is following shale shaker subsequently.

Shortly speaking, centrifuges play an important role in the whole mud cleaning system, meanwhile it is an obbligato part for the mud cleaning unit. If you want to learn more about it, please feel free to contact me.

DC Mud equipment company got an new order of decanter centrifuge from Thailand. Now the drilling fluid centrifuge wil delivering to the port.

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is the fourth stage equipments for a drilling mud system.Drilling mud cleaning first stage uses drilling fluids shale shaker ,then second stage uses desander,third desilter,(now drilling mud cleaner is widely used to replace desander,desilter).

deacnter centrifuge

The high-speed, solids control decanter centrifuge removes ultra-fi ne drill solids of greater than 2 to 5 microns at an average process rate of approximately 20 percent of the mud pump flow rate, Anderson continued.

A centrifuge also can be used as a barite recovery system or dewatering system, a practice widely used in the oil and gas industry. The dewatering process, said Anderson, allows up to 100 percent removal of all suspended solids from the drilling fluid. The reclaimed water can be used to make up new mud for another job or as rig wash-down water.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of decanter centrifuges. We can provide many different fields used centrifuges, such as oil and gas, food, chemical and mine well industry. Below is a introductuion of the full hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge.

A centrifuge with hydraulic drive is an interesting object from the fluid dynamics point of view. To achieve high efficiency, the hydraulic resistance of the inner, quickly rotating with the rotor, passages should be minimised.

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At the same time the fluid should pass through an area far away from the axis of rotation, where the centrifugal force is greater. Nozzle efficiency is crucial. The air in the gap between the rotor and the centrifuge cover also moves, and the air friction makes a
significant contribution. Jets from the nozzles might break down into a fine spray and hit the rotor, slowing it down. Optimizing such a device is quite a challenging task, but this can, indeed, be done.

The hydraulic bowl and scroll drive system drives both the conveyor and bowl of a decanter centrifuge from hydraulic pump unit by two hydraulic oil circuits.

The advantage of the full hydraulic drive centrifuge is for use in high temperature ambient for heavy mud with flexible bowl and differential speed. The compact one skid design makes it easier for rig up.

A wastewater centrifuge from DC Machinery can provide the perfect solution for your sludge dewatering needs. The centrifuge can remove the water content from sludge by rotating it at a high speed, so you can dispose of the sludge in a cost-efficient manner. After the centrifuge has completed its process, you will simply need to collect the dry sludge and send it to a landfill.

DCGLW250-980N Decanter Centrifuge 03

At DC Machinery, we offer some of the finest sludge dewatering equipment available. The benefits of our centrifuges include:

1. Extensive capacity – Our wastewater centrifuges can handle 5 to 150 gallons per minute, so you can use them in facilities that have a large volume flow.
2. Minimal operator requirements – Your new centrifuge will require only limited operator intervention, saving you money in labor costs.
3. Low maintenance – Known for offering equipment that lasts, we will provide you with a wastewater centrifuge that you can rely on through the years. And, if your sludge centrifuge equipment ever does require maintenance, we can provide on-going support through our network of regionally located service professionals.

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In addition to a wastewater centrifuge, we can provide any other wastewater treatment equipment you require. From lamella clarifiers to reverse osmosis filters, induced air flotation tanks, and automated chemical feed systems, we offer it all.

To make your wastewater treatment processes more efficient with a wastewater disc centrifuge or any other advanced equipment, contact DC Machinery today. We are a full-service supplier of wastewater treatment equipment that serves clients worldwide.

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is the fourth stage equipment for a drilling mud system. The drilling mud decanter centrifuges can separate fine particles well,for separating 5~7μm particles in drilling mud,usually use medium speed decanter centrifuge,for less then 2μm,usually use high speed decanter centrifuges.

Actually, in drilling rig solids control system centrifuge is the most complicated one. It is rather difficult for operator get leagal operation, etc. However, in long term its important position is following shale shaker subsequently.


With DC solid control company’s line of decanting centrifuges, these capabilities are built into single, modular units. Whether your operations entail oil-based or water-based fluid systems, onshore or offshore applications, we can customize your centrifuge selections to get the most out of your solids control solutions and deliver exceptional fluid performance.

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Fixed speed, hydraulic, or variable frequency drive centrifuge options can be applied to your operation to efficiently separate low gravity solids from useful weighting material.You are welcome to contact Tangshan Dachuan Machinery ( short for DC Solid control) to get more detailed info,  we will supply our best service for you.

DC Solid control got a new order of DCLW450-1000N decanter centrifuge used in Azerbaijan drill site. Now the centrifuges have already got to the port and loading onto the trian to ship to the destination port.

DCLW series decanter centrifuge is horizontal spiral type which all model of decanting centrifuge that DC Solids manufactured. Decanter centrifuge is the fifth stage equipment in drilling mud system for solids control and mud cleaning.


The superiority of Decanting Centrifuge is embodied in the solids processing size. Decanter Centrifuge could remove the solid particles with size 2-7 microns by using the principle of centrifugal action in high RPM and it is an ideal choice for separating fine particles in drilling mud.

decanter centrifuge

If you are looking for an oilfield decanter centrifuge that is highly effective and affordable, please browse our products. We offer a range of centrifuges of different sizes and capabilities that give you the exact results you need at a price that you can afford. Decanting capabilities allow for thickening, clarifying, and much more and different models have higher max capacities to accommodate for your drilling equipment and size.

DC Machinery have been developed for many which support many domestic and foreign customer to process and separate the waste water and other plant liquid treatment and got good feedback as well .

Decanters are horizontal, solids-oriented, solid-wall scroll centrifuges. They are primarily used for the clarification of suspensions and sludge with relatively high solids concentrations,but also for the separation of liquids with simultaneous removal of solids.

DCGLW250-980N Decanter Centrifuge 01

Application areas include below fields:

the cleaning of wash water and the treatment of fruit and vegetables in the food industry
the recovery of animal and plant oils and fats
the production of herbal medicines, copper extraction
chemical extraction in the paper industry
the treatment of waste oil for power generation
waste water treatment in sewage treatment plants
use on oil platforms for the extraction of crude oil and so on

decanter centrifuge

Features of DC Machinery

All parts coming into contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
3-phase AC motor for controlled torque starting via frequency converter
Approximately 80 to 90 % of the oil is recovered.
Low personnel costs due to continuous and automatic operation.
Highest g-force for higher solids output
Adjustable bowl speed via VFD
Automatic adjustment of differential speed via VFD
Two motor drive
Belts for both primary motor and secondary motor】

The Decanter centrifuge can be used for the pre-treatment for the algae biomass for the disk separator or tubular separator thus it effective higher the disk centrifuge or tubular separator capacity performance .

The decanter centrifuge is a horizontal centrifuge with continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The settling speed is determined by particle size, particle shape, difference in density between solids and liquids as well as their viscosity.


Decanter centrifuge is a separation equipment used in many fields, such as, oil& gas, HDD, all kinds of wastewater treatment. In the begining of 2016. DC Solid control got an order of decanter centrifuge used in oilfield from Nigeria.
decanter centrifuge
The one that we proposed is a professional model for drilling fluid cleaning system, which already has the mature technical guidance and rich experience in the fields. So the client was very satifield with our decanter centrifuge process effect and after sales service.
Besides, I detailed introduce the main features of the professional decanter centrifuge to the customer.

The decanter centrifuge can be adjusted to suit individual requirements by varying:
1. Bowl speed to ensure the exact relative centrifugal force required for optimized separation.
2. Differential speed, for optimized balance between liquid clarity and solids discharge capacity.
3. Pond depth in the bowl for optimized balance between liquid clarity and solid dryness.

If you have some special request of different fields decanter centrifuge, please send your inquiry to DC Solid control. We promise to provide you the most professional technical support and reasonable price.