The treatment separation of the mud cleaner by the large of drilling cuttings from the well, so that, mud enter into the next separation equipment, the performance and using of mud cleaner are directly influence the next using effect of the separation equipment. The screen is according to the vibration theory of the liner motion ‘s movement locus to designed, the exciter make the screen box do back and forth movement, the solid particles in the mud is sifted out from the surface, to achieve the purpose of the solid and liquid separation.

The use and maintenance of the drilling fluid mud cleaner

1 The method of use

The correct install and use of the multifunction cyclone mud cleaner can rid of the harmful solid phase effectively in the drilling fluid, control the viscosity, recover the useful solid phase, it has important significance to extend the life time of the mud cleaner and reduce the labor intensity of the field workers.

(1)The multifunction cyclone is installed behind the shale shaker and above the one and two drilling fluid tanks.

(2) The drilling fluid which into the mud cleaner must processed by the shale shaker.

(3) Plugged, after the motor starting, the direction of rotation of the motor and the direction of the sign of belt cover must be consistent.

(4) Firstly, air transportation the rotating shale shaker, then check up it, if found has unusual noise, we should stop to overhaul.

(5) Tightenting the screen, pressuring the spiral, testing pressure the screen by hand, then test running 2-3min, the screen should not have separate oneself from the strip, then appropriate pressure the spirals, inspecting the each tensioning spring, the length should be basically same.

(6) In the process of the using screen, if we need to clean the cumulative sand on the screen, we can’t use spade to sweep the screen.

(7) we should wash the screen at least per shift, prevent the viscous things or sand on the screen are maybe blocked the mesh, influence the screen normal use.

(8)When stop to use it , we should closed sand pump firstly, keep the shale shaker rotating 3-5min and wash the screen in time to keep the screen clean, the closed the shale shaker.

(9)we should Infusing butter on the bearing of the exciter once a day at least.

(10)In the process of transportation or lifting, we can’t put the hard things on the screen or trample by foot.

(11)preventing the sundry enter into the swirler.

(12)we should often wash the discharge grove and the baseboard of the shale shaker.

(13)according the stratum and the property of drilling fluid to select the screen, if the viscosity is high and the sediment concentration is big, we should select the less mesh screen.

(14) The use method of the discharge pipes

the use of the cyclone tube; when the feed liquid pressure equal to the rated pressure, turn off the valve on the overflow tube, make the tubular value of the overflow pipe is 0.01-0.03mpa. When the feed pressure below the rated pressure, adjust the valve on the overflow , make the tubular value of the overflow pipe is .0.02-0.05mpa,


usually, it operate 500h we should maintain it, the main part are rotating part, tensioning the firmware and replace part of lose efficacy components.

It operate 4000h, it need to overhaul, the main content is maintenance the cleaner all sided, replace the cone, check the insulation of the electrical machine , lubrication or tensioning all parts, at last we should paint the anticorrosion treatment.


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